Personalized search keeps people from escaping their worldview bubble.

Have Scientists Found a Way to Pop the Filter Bubble?

They say the key to exposing us to opposing views is to get them from people with whom we share other interests

This Device Lets People Video Chat With Their Pets

Who says you can't Skype with your cat or dog? With PetChatz, owners alleviate separation anxiety and even give their furry friends a special treat

Home deliveries are just one potential use of personal drones.

When Drones Get Personal

So we've seen how a drone can deliver a package, but can one become a buddy with a camera?

A friendly label, instead of a threatening warning, might cut down on the vandalization and theft of scientific instruments.

How Do You Protect Scientific Equipment From Vandals? With A Friendly Warning

A friendly label, instead of a threatening warning, might cut down on the vandalization and theft of scientific instruments


Document Deep Dive: What Did the Zimmermann Telegram Say?

See how British cryptologists cracked the coded message that propelled the United States into World War I

Has technology created a nation of zombies?

My Big Hang-Up in a Connected World

One man's rage against the communication revolution and the dying of civility

With the flip of a switch in 1910, Lee deForest ushered in an era of radio communications that would provide instant, long-distance wireless communication.

Radio Activity: The 100th Anniversary of Public Broadcasting

Since its inception, public radio has had a crucial role in broadcasting history - from FDR's "Fireside Chats" to the Internet Age

Over the decades, archaeologists have turned up a great many artifacts from the Indus civilization, including stamp sealings, amulets and small tablets.

Can Computers Decipher a 5,000-Year-Old Language?

A computer scientist is helping to uncover the secrets of the inscribed symbols of the Indus

The only known image of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg was uncovered in 1952 at the National Archives.  It was taken by photographer Mathew Brady.

Gettysburg Address Displayed at Smithsonian

Lincoln's timeless speech during the Civil War endures as a national treasure


Making Copies

At first, nobody bought Chester Carlson's strange idea. But trillions of documents later, his invention is the biggest thing in printing since Gutenburg


The Wizard of Odd

Illusionist Ricky Jay, a keeper of magic's secrets, conjures up a dirty deal in TV's "Deadwood"


Hear Here

Record your life story at a studio in New York City's Grand Central Terminal. You may just make history

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