Pavement Cracks And Chain-Link Fences Are the New Ecosystems of the Anthropocene

The "natural" world is gone, and it's not coming back

James Rouse talks about the future of the American city at one of his many speaking engagements

James W. Rouse’s Legacy of Better Living Through Design

There are still lessons to be learned from the visionary businessman who built a city

Give that building a laser!

Future Buildings Could Use Lasers to Fight Off Lightning

Shooting a laser beam in the path of lightning could help divert it from the building

Why Dark-Colored Pigeons Are More Common in Cities

Melanin seems to help the birds get rid of potentially toxic compounds from the environment

The Los Angeles That Was Never Built

Had these 13 grand architectural plans been executed, the city would look entirely different today


Singapore Is the World’s Most Expensive City

Tokyo has been dethroned

Traditional Space Saver in Boston

Cities Across the Country Say: End Savesies on Snow Days

Car owners save shoveled parking spaces with weird household items, and officials say it's got to stop

Naples' Dog DNA Database Tracks Owners Who Don’t Clean Up After Their Pets

U.S. condo building picked up this idea, and now Naples is spreading it across a city

The first map of the new Hollywood development, from 1887.

Hollywood Was Once an Alcohol-Free Community

Modern Hollywood is a far cry from its intrepid female founder's "dream of beauty"

Teotihuacan ruins in Mexico.

Ancient Cities Developed in a Surprisingly Similar Way to Modern Ones

The same mathematical equations that describe patterns of modern urban sprawl are equally suited to explaining the development of ancient cities

1124 MLK Jr. Blvd., L.A. By EVOL. 2010.

The Many Faces of President Obama, As Seen in America's Murals

From liquor stores to churches, Camilo Vergara has photographed murals of President Obama in some of the country's poorest communities

Watch the First Ever NYC Blizzard Caught on Film

Not only is this the first ever film of a blizzard in the Big Apple, it is probably the first ever film of any American blizzard ever

Pigeon paté most likely resembles the common chicken-based version

Amsterdam Is Feasting on Pigeon Paté

Street birds, not farm-raised squab, are rumored to be the meat of this tasty spread

Moving to An Area With More Green Space Can Improve Your Mental Health for Years

A new study finds that the mental benefits of greenery are immediate and long-lasting

Tvilight, which automatically dials down the brightness when no one is around and restores maximum radiance upon detecting the presence of oncoming human activity, has been installed in cities in Holland and Ireland.

Clever? Smart Street Lamps Light Up Only When Needed

The Tvilight lighting system is designed to dim when no one's around, saving cities as much as 60 percent on energy bills each year

Hövding is a helmet cyclists wear on their necks—not their heads.

The Bicycle Helmet That's Invisible (Until You Need It)

Riffing off of airbag technology, Swedish designers have created a helmet, worn around the neck, that inflates during an accident

This Wheel Turns Your Bicycle Into An Electric Hybrid

The Copenhagen Wheel can be snapped onto just about any bicycle to boost your pedaling power by up to 10 times

When the first hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Center, the New York Fire Department immediately responded. Officers set up a command center in the lobby of the north tower and bravely rushed up the stairs to rescue the trapped occupants and put out the raging fires. When the towers collapsed, numerous trucks were crushed, and 343 members of the New York Fire Department were killed. 

This door is from a FDNY rescue pumper truck destroyed in the World Trade Center collapse. The truck belonged to Squad One of Brooklyn, part of FDNY’s Special Operations Command, an elite group of firefighters who respond to unique fire and emergency situations. Squad One lost 12 members on September 11.

Caption from the National Museum of American History's Bearing Witness to History.

Remembering 9/11: Brooklyn Squad 1 Fire Truck Door

This door is from a FDNY rescue pumper truck destroyed in the World Trade Center collapse. Squad 1 lost 12 members on September 11


Panorama: The New York Skyline

Explore the city's many neighborhoods in this breathtaking flyover


Watch New York City Come Alive in This Amazing Timelapse

Take a sped-up tour of Midtown Manhattan and its residents, non-stop traffic and historic landmarks

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