British History

The three volumes of the newly-discovered copy of Shakespeare's First Folio.

A New Copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio Was Found in a Scottish Library

Only a few hundred copies still survive

Bullet Helps Revive Lawrence of Arabia's Reputation

A bullet from a Colt pistol found at the site of one of T.E. Lawrence's most famous battles helps verify the authenticity of his stories

Epitaph on William Shakespeare's grave

Did Shakespeare Lose His Head?

Scans of the Bard's grave reveal that robbers may have stolen his skull two centuries ago

A self-portrait made by Johnny Rotten on the walls of the studio where the Sex Pistols recorded their first demos.

Johnny Rotten's Graffiti Made These Buildings Historic Landmarks

The Sex Pistols’ home and recording studio are now protected as a cultural heritage sites

"The Last Communion of Joan of Arc" by Charles Henri Michel

French Theme Park "Battles" British Government to Keep Joan of Arc's Ring

After buying a ring purportedly owned by Joan of Arc, a French history park owner defies UK demands

Jeremy Scott (United States, born 1975) for Adidas, Boots, Spring/Summer 2013.

Take A Trip Through 300 Years of Men's Fashion

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a new exhibition highlights 200 styles, from military uniforms to punk jackets

Visit Richard III's Gravesite With This Bone Chilling 3D Model

The ruler's final resting spot is now publicly available for exploration online

Some of the items found in the Watlington hoard including coins depicting Alfred the Great and Ceolwulf II together

Blokes with Metal Detectors Uncover Pieces of British History

Finds by amateur history sleuths shed light on the time when Anglo-Saxons clashed with Vikings

Wacky Victorian women play behind a clothing screen, ca. 1900.

Researchers Seek Silly Sherlocks to Dig up Victorian-Era Jokes

Joke detectives are using the British Library to uncover what made Victorians chuckle

Heir to Punk Royalty Will Burn $7 Million Worth of Punk Memorabilia

Son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren says it’s to spite the Queen

Bristol Old Vic artistic director Tom Morris with the thunder run.

A New Production of "King Lear" Features 18th-Century Special Effects

The Bristol Old Vic’s thunder run hasn’t been used since 1942

Suffragettes form a part of Emily Davison's funeral procession through London. She was a fellow campaigner who was trampled to death when, as a protest gesture, she tried to catch the reins of King George V's horse as it ran in the 1913 Epsom Derby.

The True History of Suffragette

Emily Wilding Davison was a tireless and ingenious activist for the cause of women's suffrage in Britain

A rare English gold pound coin dating to 1594-1596, with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Queen Elizabeth I Held England’s First Official Lottery 450 Years Ago

The lucky winner took home a prize that included not just money, but also fancy dishware and tapestries

"History will be kind to me," wrote Winston Churchill, "for I intend to write it myself."

UNESCO Honors Winston Churchill's Writings With the Equivalent of World Heritage Status

Churchill's papers join the ranks of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Anne Frank's diary and the Magna Carta

A Brief History of Plaid

From highlanders to hipsters

Francis Bacon, social networking superstar, strikes a pose ca. 1618.

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Is Your New Favorite Trivia Game

Move over, Kevin!

A Bronze Age mummified skeleton lies tightly curled in Bradley Fen in Cambridgeshire, England.

Mummies May Have Been Scattered Across Bronze Age Britain

Skeletal analysis hints that, intentional or not, mummification may have been more common than previously thought

An aerial view of Jamestown, St. Helena's capital.

It Just Got Easier to Visit the Place Where Napoleon Was Exiled (the Second Time)

Remote, rugged, finally accessible — St. Helena will soon have its first-ever airport

A 13th-Century Sword Is Giving Historians a Headache

The sword's inscription is an 800-year-old mystery

A stone etching on the grave of crewmember Lt. John Irving depicts the dire conditions that the Franklin expedition faced when they reached the Canadian Arctic.

Franklin’s Doomed Arctic Expedition Ended in Gruesome Cannibalism

New bone analysis suggests crew resorted to eating flesh, then marrow

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