Loud Sex Will Get You Eaten By Bats (If You’re a Fly)

Flies now join likes of Romeo and Juliet, and Tristan and Isolde, determined but doomed lovers who would do anything - including die - for love

Flying ants emerge from the grass.

Invasion of Flying Ants Is at Hand

Britain prepares to welcome their new flying ant overlords

An elephant at the Toronto Zoo

It Is Too Hot For African Elephants… In Canada

Three elephants were supposed to fly from Toronto the California at the end of next week, but the weather is just too hot for these African animals


These Adorable Lemurs Are On the Verge of Extinction

Lemurs are the most threatened group of vertebrates on the planet

A mother’s DNA contains enough information to sequence a fetal genome.

Fetal Genome Sequenced Without Help From Daddy

Researchers now need only a blood sample from a pregnant mother to construct a fetus' entire genome

Blame Your Chicken Dinner for That Persistant Urinary Tract Infection

E. coli, the most common cause of urinary tract infections, has been growing resistant to antibiotics, and chickens may be to blame


Teach Yourself to Be Synesthetic: Hear Colors, See Sounds

A new study suggests that people may be able to teach themselves to have synesthetic experiences

The crustacean Gnathia marleyi, named after singer Bob Marley.

Blood-Eating Parasite Named for Late Reggae Artist Bob Marley

Is There a Gene That Makes People Stupid?

Rather than looking for the genetic regions responsible for a person's high IQ, maybe we should be looking for the opposite: the root of stupidity


How Do Animals Perceive the World?

Scientists demonstrate how animals view the world, and why their vision influences the way they look


Synthetic Bacteria Could Turn Ocean Garbage into One Big Island

New Gene Provides Link Between Stress and Depression


U.S. & Europe are Hotspots for Deadly Emerging Diseases

Frog Daddy Raises Babies in Throat, Spits Them Out When Ready

Are Millennials Too Strung Out on Antidepressants to Even Know Who They Are?


Stick Bugs Have Sex for Two Months Straight

Yes. They can. Two-plus months. Or, more specifically, 79 days, says pseudonymous entomologist--blogger Bug Girl


Wrecked Rivers of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ Teem With Life Once More

Easter Island Drug Makes Mice Happier, Smarter


Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era

Bar-headed goose with a Mount Everest-simulating air mask.

Extreme Geese Reveal High-Altitude Secrets in Wind Tunnel

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