Steel rule dies that are used to cut leather for mass production Location: Baikal Inc. Handbag Manufacturer

How to Bring Manufacturing Back to the USA in Small-Batch Format

Aspiring makers are now finding ways to manufacture their designs in American factories

Photography by Diana Zlatanovski. Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology malacology collection.

Collecting the World’s Collections of Small Oddities One Day at a Time

A Q&A with Diana Zlatanovski on how she came to collect collections, what they say about design, and how to be a collector without becoming a hoarder

In the Future, You Will 3D Print Yourself as an Action Figure

In Tokyo, a reservation-only photo booth spits out three-dimensional replicas of its subjects

One suggested design for the 51-star American flag

Designing a 51-State Flag

Even in 1958, the American flag was designed through crowdsourcing amateurs. If Puerto Rico joins the union, who will design the 51-star flag?


The Return of the Hand-Painted Sign

Hand-painted signs are making a comeback, but are they the work of artists or "mechanics"?

The unmistakeable surface of the classic Hershey bar

Copyright Confection: The Distinctive Topography of the Hershey Bar

After a legal tug-of-war, Hershey's secured a trademark for the structural design of their classic chocolate bar


San Francisco’s Makeathon Leads the Way for Hacking the Urban Landscape

How citizens are using design interventions to shuffle social dynamics and change public space in cities

Caroline Linder (left) and Lisa Smith of ODLCO at their new (semi-finished) space in Chicago.

Making Objects: A Dispatch From the Future of Small-Batch Manufacturing

A pair of young design entrepreneurs are building a small-batch manufacturing company in Chicago


The Pee-Chee Folder: Illustrated by the Most Interesting Man in the World

Illustrator Francis Golden could barely remember the project that became an iconic school supply

Bill Moggridge speaking in Copenhagen

Honoring Bill Moggridge

From designing the first laptop to defining human-computer interaction, Bill Moggridge spent his career breaking new ground in design and technology


What Public Spaces Like Cleveland’s West Side Market Mean for Cities

They are more than just a haven for foodies -- markets are "fundamental building blocks of urban life"

A badge designed for Chattanooga using the local Chatype font

How Chattanooga Created Its Own Font to Spur Urban Growth

Like products, cities need a brand identity. In this Tennessee city, a team of designers have created an official font

A 3D-printed model of Airbus’s future concept plane for 2050

Aircraft Design Inspired by Nature and Enabled by Tech

In 2050, Airbus hopes to fly you around in a see-through jet shaped like a bird skeleton, with morphing seats, spa treatments, and virtual entertainment


The LEGO-like Building Blocks of the Olympic Slalom Canoe

How a three-time Olympic competitor designed an innovative new whitewater system using underwater bricks


The Architecture of Memory

Memorization may seem like a brain-based skill, but it has as much to do with our bodies and our buildings

An interactive game from 1946 featuring Sherlock’s signature deerstalker cap and magnifying glass

The Deerstalker: Where Sherlock Holmes’ Popular Image Came From

The literary detective's hunting cap and cape came not so much from the books' author as from their illustrators


The History of the Olympic Pictograms: How Designers Hurdled the Language Barrier

Infographic design first appeared at the Olympics in 1948, when the games were last in London


The End of Swimsuit Design Innovation

Detail of Sightglass Coffee’s roaster

How Maker Culture is Reshaping Retail Design

A San Francisco coffee shop pulls back the curtain to expose the process behind each cup served in their expansive warehouse space

Jim Starry's patent drawing for the Starport airport design

The Airport Design Utopian

What ever happened to the Starport, the brainchild of Jim Starry that re-imagined the airport?

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