Researchers search for Asian longhorned beetles among Worcester's hardwoods.

Invasion of the Longhorn Beetles

In Worcester, Massachusetts, authorities are battling an invasive insect that is poised to devastate the forests of New England


Rodents of Unusual Size Do Exist

A group of biologists suggests that disease ultimately determines much of who we are and how we behave.

The Culture of Being Rude

A new biological theory states that cultural behavior is not just a regional quirk, but a defense against the spread of disease

John Allman (with colleague Atiya Hakeem at Caltech examining elephant brain specimens) is searching for one of the biological keys to human behavior.

Brain Cells for Socializing

Does an obscure nerve cell help explain what gorillas, elephants, whales—and people—have in common?

Where do they go?  How many are there?  What's with the tusk?  Narwhals (in the Arctic Ocean) have inspired myth and wonder but are still little known to science.

In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal

Ballerina turned biologist Kristin Laidre gives her all to study the elusive, deep-diving, ice-loving whale known as the "unicorn of the sea"

Laura Helmuth

Laura Helmuth on "Seeing is Believing"

The toothache tree of North America, Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

Chinese Spices Hijack Your Taste Buds

Nancy Knowlton

Nancy Knowlton

The renowned coral reef biologist leads Smithsonian's effort to foster a greater public understanding of the world's oceans


The Universe Has Its Secrets; We've Got Science Rap


Pesticide Resistance: Harder Than It Looks


T. rex Protein Was Mere Bacterial Goop?

Termite digestion of wood pulp is the subject of research into
potential new biofuels

Termite Bellies and Biofuels

Scientist Falk Warnecke's research into termite digestion may hold solutions to our energy crisis

Where did you think tomato paste came from? A harvester in California’s Sacramento Valley gathers tons of Roma-type tomatoes for Morning Star, the world’s largest tomato-processing company.

A Passion for Tomatoes

Whatever the variety—commercial hybrid or precious heirloom—the plump juicy "vegetable" has a place in our hearts

Micro-Fossils Reveal Dinosaur Colors and Ancient Sea Life

Maybe Life Arrived from Beyond the Stars, Says Meteorite

Leatherback Sea Turtle Returns to Texas

Bottlenose Dolphin

15 Years After Dolphin-Safe Tuna, Signs of Recovery

Fossil Parrot Beats Monty Python by 55 Million Years


T. Rex Linked to Chickens, Ostriches


Overheated Corals Switch and Survive

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