The EcoHelmet is a foldable, recyclable helmet constructed of paper with a water-resistant coating.

This Folded Paper Fans Out Into a Full-Size Bike Helmet

The EcoHelmet, this year's James Dyson Award winner, could be used by bike shares across the world

These bikes won't just make it easier to get around Marrakech—they could also send a message to world leaders about ways to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Africa Just Got Its First Bike Share Program

Now you can get around Marrakech on a fleet of bicycles—no air pollution needed

The American Velocipede

American Drivers Have Bicyclists to Thank for a Smooth Ride to Work

Urban elites with a fancy hobby teamed up with rural farmers in a movement that transformed the nation

Google's Self-Driving Cars Are Learning to Recognize Cyclists’ Hand Signals

Cyclists, meet the nicest car you’ll ever share the road with

Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara during a time trial in Utrecht, Netherlands, during the 2015 Tour de France

Tour de France Goes High Tech to Battle Mechanical Cheating

Organizers will use thermal cameras developed by the French nuclear agency to detect "mechanical doping" during the 2016 Tour

Installing the RFID tags

This Danish City is Giving Bikers the Green Light

In a pilot program underway in Aarhus, Denmark, cyclists are given RFID tags that trigger traffic lights in their favor

Minnesota Is Expanding Its Bike Share to Include Canoes

Because bikes and boats are a perfect pair

Google’s Driverless Car Got Confused By A Cyclist

It just wants to protect soft, perishable humans.

Amsterdam Is Out of Bike Parking

The city will create 40,000 new bike parking spaces by 2030

The Rubbee electric drive turns your bike into an e-bike.

Eight Tech Gifts for Early Adopters

From a personal drone and a 3D printer to sleep and sport performance trackers, these gadgets will please the technophiles in your life

This is how you build the world's first solar bike path.

A Bike Path Near Amsterdam Is Now Generating Solar Power

As cyclists ride above, solar panels embedded in the pathway pump energy into the power grid

The movement to dramatically reduce car traffic is picking up speed.

Helsinki Has a Plan to Get People to Stop Owning Cars

A system being developed in Finland would allow people to subscribe to all kinds of mobility options and pay for everything on their phones

Handlebars on the Blackline model let you know when to turn.

What a City Bike Needs: Handlebars That Let You Know When to Turn

Designers are transforming bikes with new tech to make it safer and easier to navigate city streets

A cyclist rides his bicycle on the former border patrol road between East and West Germany.

Cycle Through History on the Iron Curtain Trail

The trail stretches 4,225 miles from the Barents to the Black Sea

These Nice, Safe Bike Lanes Will Make You Want to Jump on a Bike

Protected intersections already exist in the Netherlands. Could they ever come to the States?

Gino Bartali

This Italian Cyclist Defied Fascists and Saved Lives

The world didn’t learn about the heroism of Gino Bartali during WWII until after he died in 2000

These Look Like Ordinary Bikes, But If You Steal One, You Will Definitely Get Caught

From San Francisco to Wisconsin, bait bike are two-wheeled victims in disguise

Attractive Cyclists Are More Likely to Win Races

Endurance might be correlated with how attractive we find someone, new research suggests

Look for more people riding on battery power.

Will America ever love electric bikes?

Most bikers scoff at them, but as the U.S. population ages and gas prices rise, expect to see more bikes running on batteries

Course du BOC 2010

Guiding Lights

Owen Edwards, an old hand at writing our "Object at Hand" column, explains and how he developed a passion for motorcycle racing

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