April 2009

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Bridge of 33 Arches in Isfahan Iran

Iran's Hidden Jewel

Once the dazzling capital of ancient Persia,Isfahan fell victim to neglect, but a new generation hopes to restore its lost luster

Fossil prospector Ron Frithiof

The Dino Wars

Across the American West, legal battles over dinosaur fossils are on the rise as amateur prospectors make major finds

Frederick Cook and Robert Peary

Cook vs. Peary

A century ago, explorer Robert Peary earned fame for discovering the North Pole, but did Frederick Cook get there first?

Ansel Adams Autumn Moon

Celestial Sleuth

Astrophysicist Don Olson breaks down the barriers between science and art by analyzing literature and paintings from the past

Bug on chili pepper

What's So Hot About Chili Peppers?

An American ecologist travels through the Bolivian forest to answer burning questions about the spice

Home by Dark by Eudora Welty

The Writer's Eye

Photographs by Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist Eudora Welty display the empathy that would later infuse her fiction


My Kind of Town

Staying Power

Idaho's natural beauty is what makes novelist Anthony Doerr feel so much at home in Boise

Presence of Mind

Buckle Up. And Behave

Do we take more risks when we feel safe? Fifty years after we began using the three-point seatbelt, there's a new answer

From the Editor

Poles Apart

Letters to the Editor


Readers Respond to the February Issue

This Month in History

April Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

From the Castle

Long Tails

Around the Mall

Forest Hires

In a Maryland forest, bankers trade in their suits and ties to study the environment with Smithsonian scientists

Around the Mall

Odes To Joy

The Object at Hand

A Good Reed

Late in his career, jazz musician Benny Goodman favored a Parisian “licorice stick” as his instrument of choice


Q and A: Isaac Mizrahi

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's salmon skin dress is on display in a new exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Around the Mall

A Fish Tale

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

Do Not Go Gentle

The feisty man's guide to aging anything but gracefully