September 2020

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Discovery blasts off

Escape From a Speeding Shuttle

But the circumstances had to be just right.

Bob Ellis' RV-8

Love Letter to the RV-8

Twenty-five years ago, Richard VanGrunsven trusted his instincts, and thousands of home builders are glad he did.

sailors watch surrender document be corrected

The Surrender Spectacle

General Douglas MacArthur was a war hero—and an old soldier who knew how to put on a show.

Bad Mojo races Phantom

To Be the Fastest Biplane

At the National Championship Air Races, the Biplane Class pits cutting edge against classic.

Carolina Anderson

What Are U.S. Airlines Missing? Women.

Despite recruiting efforts, the number of women in airline cockpits has increased in the last decade by a dismal one percent.

artist's conception of Dragonfly on the surface of Titan

In the Skies Over Titan

NASA returns to Saturn’s largest moon with a rover that can fly.

Amelia Earhart on the wing of her plane

Department of Lost Causes

The airplanes and artifacts that museum curators dream of finding.



Someplace Like Home, Sort Of

From the Director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

Up to Speed

Signs of Civilization

A new project will search for technosignatures that might indicate the presence of advanced alien civilizations.

Up to Speed

Safe Port in a Covid-19 Storm

A Vietnamese airport offers a safe port in the COVID-19 storm.

Up to Speed

Terry Virts

In his new book, astronaut Terry Virts discusses the highs and lows of a long-duration tour on the space station.

I Was There

The Day We Killed 23 Tanks

In Operation Desert Storm, the A-10 Warthog was primitive, but it got the job done.

At the Museum

Pass the Torch of Aviation History

The papers of pioneering pilot William Powell is a good place to start.

One More Thing

Mitchell U-2 Superwing

Plus, you could build it yourself.

Reviews & Previews

Deep Dives

Extraterrestrial seas may be the next frontier for planetary science.