A full-scale model of the JWST put in an appearance at the World Science Festival in New York City in 2010, where it posed for this high-dynamic-range photo.

The Telescope That Will Change Astronomy

After years of delay and frustration, the James Webb Space Telescope is ready to launch.

A Long March rocket carrying the Tianhe module blasts off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in south China's Hainan Province on April 29.

China Begins Building Its First Advanced Space Station

The first element of the country's new orbital outpost launches from Wenchang.

A Long March rocket sits ready on the pad at China's Wenchang spaceport to launch the country's next moon lander.

China Launches Its Most Ambitious Moon Mission Yet

Another big step for the current world leaders in lunar exploration.

Embry-Riddle professor Carolina Anderson with three generations of aircraft on campus. The daughter of a pilot, she flies her own daughters to work with her, hoping to nurture a third flying generation in her own family.

What Are U.S. Airlines Missing? Women Pilots

Despite recruiting efforts, the number of women in airline cockpits has increased in the last decade by a dismal one percent.

Seattle’s Zunum Aero intends to have its nine-to-12-seat, gas-electric hybrid ready to compete in the commuter jet market early in the 2020s.

Is Green Aviation Really Coming?

Noiseless, low-emission flight may be here sooner than you think.

Harpreet De Singh (center) and pilots Kshamta Bajpai and Sunita Narula (with two flight attendants, left) are part of a growing contingent of women in high places at Air India.

The 30,000-Foot Glass Ceiling

Gender equality has a tough climb in India, but climbing is what airline pilots do.

Shaesta Waiz with her ride of choice.

An Afghan Aviator’s Hope

Shaesta Waiz wants her round-the-world trip to inspire girls everywhere.

The new Chinese-built C919 airliner took to the skies over Shanghai on Friday.

As China Unveils Its First Airliner, Private Pilots Look for a Boost Too

Chinese general aviation advocates sought advice and inspiration at a recent meeting in California.

SpaceWorks, a NASA contractor, has proposed Mars transports and studies of “induced torpor” for their passengers.

Sleeping Their Way to Mars

For astronauts on long space voyages, the safest way to travel may be in induced hibernation.

Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier shares the stage with more than 200 new employees at the grand opening of the European consortium’s plant in Mobile, Alabama, last September. Said Brégier: “Today shows that Airbus is becoming a truly global manufacturer—and a truly American manufacturer!”

Airbus Lands in Alabama

Half a century after the largest base closure in U.S. history, Mobile is once more an aviation town.

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