August 2019

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David Martin

David Martin, Marathon Man

Airshow star David Martin always wondered what it would be like to fly every day.

Kitty Hawk Kites

Like Birds

It may not be as popular as it once was, but its fans say it is still the purest form of flight.

Subaru Telescope

The First Photograph of Another Earth

Astronomers are working today on the camera that will see habitable planets in other solar systems.

Water drop Simi Valley

Wildfire Wars

With a squadron of ancient airplanes, these firefighters are usually the first on the scene.

NASA lander depiction

Moon Rush

The first U.S. moonshot was done in a decade. Can NASA make it in half that time?

Harman and others

The Helicopter Goes to War

Toward the end of WW2, the strange new craft became vital in guerrilla warfare.



A Procession of Explorers

From the Director of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum

Up to Speed

L'anniversaire d'or

Up to Speed

A Piece of IceCube Arrives at the Smithsonian

An Arctic sensor finally gets its day in the sun.

Up to Speed

Collision Course: Bald Eagles Like to Lounge at Airports

GPS tracking of the birds’ flight paths might offer a solution.

Up to Speed

How to Turn a Freeway into a Runway

Taiwan conducts an emergency drill to keep its aircraft flying.

Up to Speed

How to Be a Space Tourist

Beth Moses, the chief astronaut instructor at Virgin Galactic, will train the people who want to fly on SpaceShipTwo.

At the Museum

The Prowler's Last Prowl

The iconic Northrop Grumman EA-6B flies into history—and the National Air and Space Museum collection.


A Career Built on Flying Models

RJ Gritter of Aurora Flight Sciences explains why he loves his job.

Apollo at 50

Dear Neil Armstrong

Some people don't take no for an answer.

Apollo at 50

My Apollo Adventure

The week of my 18th birthday, I drove 1,100 miles to Kennedy Space Center to watch a Saturn V rocket launch men to the moon.


Acrobats of the Sky

The top aerobatic pilots show how seeing can still be unbelieving.

Ideas That Defy


Designed to explore the outer planets of the solar system, the 40-year-old twins have since traveled beyond it.