April/May 2021

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penitent ice formations

How to Land on an Alien World

Like explorers of old, planetary probes go where there may be dragons.

Wright Flyer

The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Aerial Age

The National Air and Space Museum revamps its exhibit on the birth of flight.

Bleriot XI-2 over a beach

The Call of a New World

The invention of the airplane shook the globe, and it never looked the same again.

Navy men during WWII smoking

World War II in Color

Thousands of photographs in government archives bring the war to life.

Antonov An-225

Dream Big

Need to move something enormous? Hire this Ukrainian giant.

seeing Acropolis through flight simulator

Flight in a Box

With the latest version of the popular software, players can recognize city streets and feel shifts in the wind.

image of a red exoplanet and a star

To Picture a Planet

What will it take to capture images of a distant world capable of harboring life?

two beekeepers with plane overhead

The Buzz Around Airports

Beehives create green spaces where you'd least expect them.

people clustered around the Bremen

Return of the Bremen

After 70 years in exile, the airplane that answered Lindbergh’s flight made a second Atlantic crossing.



One World on Earth Day

From the Director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

Up to Speed

The New Rolls-Royce Pearl Runs on Biofuel

With carbon emissions produced by aircraft expected to triple by 2050, the aviation industry is trying to go green.

Up to Speed

The B-21s Are Coming

The B-21s are coming.

Up to Speed

Sarah Rhoads

A former fighter pilot has what it takes to manage Amazon’s growing aviation division.

I Was There

My Final Flight

My final flight forced a reckoning, but I lived to tell the story.

Reviews & Previews

World's Best Job

A veteran of the F-4 and A-10 reflects on flying—the way it used to be.

One More Thing

Curtiss 1A Gulfhawk

His ride: the Curtiss 1A Gulfhawk