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Area 51, as seen on Google Maps

Area 51 is, Officially, a Real Place

Area 51 now officially exists, newly declassified documents say


These Carvings Are the Oldest Rock Art in America, by Thousands of Years

Native Americans created the carvings, which depict nature and geometrical motifs, though researchers still puzzle over their exact purpose and meaning

In Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park, Tolerance is seven figures—one for each continent—sculpted of letters from world alphabets.

What Makes Houston the Next Great American City?

As Houston undergoes an ethnic and cultural transformation, its reputation grows as a place where people can dream big and succeed


Panorama: The New York Skyline

Explore the city's many neighborhoods in this breathtaking flyover

Best Hotels in New York City

Book your next stay at one of these hotels—they’re the best in New York City


A Photographic Tour of New York City

Get acquainted with the Big Apple’s major sights by browsing through these remarkable travel photos submitted to our photo contest


Touring New York's Most Dynamic Neighborhoods

How do you know when a neighborhood has truly arrived? T+L looks for the telltale signs in three NYC neighborhoods: TriBeCa, Harlem, and Williamsburg.

New York's Top Restaurants

T+L reveals what’s cooking at the top restaurants in New York, from a classic steakhouse to a hip West Village gastropub


How Do Death Valley’s ‘Sailing Stones’ Move Themselves Across the Desert?

These mysterious rocks have puzzled scientists for decades—until one geologist found the answer on his kitchen table

Okay Americans still maybe take the worst tourist pictures.

Americans Are Actually The Best Tourists

A recent survey reveals that many service workers don't find American that bad at all

Canyon walls tower above river rafters in the cathedralesque Grand Canyon. Traveling by raft may be the most enjoyable and easiest way to explore the Colorado River, one of the most threatened rivers.

Exploring the World’s Most Imperiled Rivers

Agriculture, pollution and hydroelectric development threaten many great rivers. See them while they still flow, via raft, kayak, canoe—or bicycle


Interactive: The Best Small Towns to Visit in America

Tour this map and see which idyllic small towns are closest to you

These dogs have hiked off-leash to the top of Handies Peak in Colorado. Sharing the great outdoors with our pets is a favorite pastime—but as a result of conflicts between dogs and wildlife, leash laws and dog bans have become commonplace.

Hiking with Your Dog This Summer May Be Harder Than You Think

If you've entertained ideas of boundless romping in the woods with your pet, you may be in for a serious letdown

Lake Louise, one of the world’s most beautiful compositions of water, rock and ice, belongs to Canada. The small lake attracts throngs of tourists while serving as a stepping stone to surrounding wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains.

From Sea to Shining Sea: Great Ways to Explore Canada

Here are six ways to experience the greatest scenery of America's neighbor to the north

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ stadium, PNC Park, is one of the favorites in America and has become a strong tourist draw for ballpark fanatics.

Inside the Great American Baseball Road Trip

Forget loyalty. In 2013, it's all about the stadium, as ballpark chasers take to the road with the goal of seeing a game in every stadium on the continent


In Bloom At Last: D.C.'s Cherry Blossoms Have Arrived

2013's cherry blossom bloom along the Tidal Basin was worth the wait

Hikers attempting to walk the entire Pacific Crest Trail face some serious mileage—whichever way they’re going. This trail sign is near Mount Hood, in Oregon.

Going the Distance on the Pacific Crest Trail

One of America's great long-distance hiking trails, the PCT meanders 2,650 miles through three states

Frank Sinatra singing on the stage of the Sands Hotel.

How to Tour Frank Sinatra’s Las Vegas

Even though most of 1950s Vegas is long gone, there are still many ways to relive the haunts of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack


Has Gettysburg Kicked Its Kitsch Factor?

Historian Tony Horwitz travels to the Civil War battlefield and finds that even where time is frozen, it’s undergone welcome changes

Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake, New York, was once a retreat for the Vanderbilt family.

Where Was the Birthplace of the American Vacation?

First in rustic tents and later in elaborate resorts, city dwellers took to the Adirondacks to explore the joys of the wilderness

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