In Bloom At Last: D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms Have Arrived

2013’s cherry blossom bloom along the Tidal Basin was worth the wait

Grassy lawns dotted by trees also provide great places for a picnic or game of hide and seek. Caroline Lacey
Between the blooms, the water and the monuments, the beauty of cherry blossom season is a natural attraction not to be missed. Caroline Lacey
Echoing the famous work of pointillism, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, an afternoon at the Tidal Basin is just as lovely. Caroline Lacey
Black and white stripes contrast with the pink buds and blossoms all around. Caroline Lacey
This twisted tree casts elongated shadows in the mid-morning sun. Caroline Lacey
The twisted bark surface of a cherry tree. Caroline Lacey
A patch of green beneath a sky of pink. Caroline Lacey
The calm water of the Tidal Basin provides a clear reflection of the cherry blossoms dangling above. Caroline Lacey
That picture perfect moment sometimes requires lifejackets. Caroline Lacey
A mid-morning view of the Jefferson Memorial. Caroline Lacey
Skylar poses for the camera, stealing the cherry blossoms' thunder. Caroline Lacey
From giggling kids to adoring couples and even impatient businessmen, the blossoms attract a wide variety of people. Caroline Lacey
Looking up through the branches to the blue sky beyond. Caroline Lacey
For rent by the hour, paddle boats are a fun way to see the blossoms from a new angle Caroline Lacey
From Fairfax, Virginia, Elena has been making the trip to see the blossoms since she was a kid, but this year she came in an outfit inspired by Japanese street culture, complete with gold glitter nail polish. Caroline Lacey
Visitors amble among the pink branches. Caroline Lacey
After a cold and windy March, the buds finally began to bloom in April. Caroline Lacey

After months of waiting, the D.C. Tidal Basin's beloved cherry trees are finally in bloom. We sent our own photographers to capture them in all their splendor.