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$2 Million in Ivory Seized From Manhattan Jewelers

Two New York City jewelers, caught with $2 million worth of illegal ivory, plead guilty to charges of commercializing wildlife


Super-Strong Solar Flare Bringing Northern Lights South

Clean Energy Can Come From Dirt

Forget wind, solar and even seaweed. Renewable energy is getting down and dirty...with dirt!


Should We Kill Man-Eating Alligators?

Should we hunt down and kill man-eaters?

A Farm in New South Whales, Australia

Climate Skepticism Could Wipe Out Whole Towns in Australia

Stubborn climate skeptic hold-outs now face more than just the rest of the world's scorn: Their towns might not be on the map in a few years


People Wear Pants Because Cavalry Won Wars

Hubble telescope image from July 7, 2012 showing Pluto’s moon P5

Astronomers Find Pluto’s Fifth Moon

Blame Your Chicken Dinner for That Persistant Urinary Tract Infection

E. coli, the most common cause of urinary tract infections, has been growing resistant to antibiotics, and chickens may be to blame

For Coal Miners, Back to Black Lungs

In Sports, Winning Streaks Are Just Flukes

Winning streaks are engrained into our sports psyches, but are they actually a legitimate phenomoenon?


Teach Yourself to Be Synesthetic: Hear Colors, See Sounds

A new study suggests that people may be able to teach themselves to have synesthetic experiences


Sitting Just Three Hours a Day Can Take Two Years Off Your Life

The crustacean Gnathia marleyi, named after singer Bob Marley.

Blood-Eating Parasite Named for Late Reggae Artist Bob Marley

Climate Change Will Mean the World Eats Rice

The future under climate change indicates that rice will become an even more abundant staple, thanks to a boost in carbon dioxide that make crops thrive

Cracking the Code of the Human Genome

Is There a Gene That Makes People Stupid?

Rather than looking for the genetic regions responsible for a person's high IQ, maybe we should be looking for the opposite: the root of stupidity


People Are More Rational When Speaking in a Foreign Language


Baseball Played Near The Speed of Light: An Apocalyptic Vision

An American flag waving in Andover, Maine. This was the first video ever transmitted by commercial satellite.

Fifty Years Ago, Lyndon Johnson Answered the First Satellite Phone Call

Telstar 1, which launched 50 years ago today, was the world's first commercial satellite, and a testament to government-industry cooperation

The adult female skeleton

In Scotland, Two Mix-and-Match Mummies Contain Parts of Six Corpses

3,000 year old bodies discovered in a bog turned out not to be two bodies at all. The skeletons are stitched together from the remains of six individuals


Why Store-Bought Popsicles Drip Less

Just in time for another scorching July day, the history of the modern popsicle - and why the store-bought ones are less drippy than the DIY kind

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