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A Midwest field circa 1936

70 Percent of Illinois Is In A Drought (And It’s Better Off Than Indiana)

Ferrets react to flu much like humans do.

How to Give a Ferret a Deadly Flu


This Beautiful Window Art Also Saves Birds’ Lives


Your Kid’s New Dermatologists: Barney and Kung Fu Panda


We Are Already Living in Hollywood’s Dystopian Future

Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t want to live in a world where genetically engineered replicant robots prowled the dank, steel-and-microchip urban jungles a la Blade Runner. Likewise for the Minority Report future in which creepy pale kids call people out for murders they had not yet committed. It’s been 30 years since Blade Runner [...]

Satellites and refuse litter low Earth orbit.

Navy Wants to Thwart Space Debris By Releasing More Space Debris

Mining operations near Longyan, Fujian Province, China.

High-Tech’s Crucial Rare Earth Elements Are Already Running Low

‘World’s Rarest Toad’ Not Extinct After All

A solar farm at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

New Solar Cell Targets the 40% of Sun’s Energy That Others Miss


Lego Meth Lab Makes It Almost Seem OK

One day, the sun will set for good on Lanai, Hawaii.

Does Larry Ellison Know His $600 Million Island Is Sinking?


How Easter Island Statues ‘Walked’ To Their Stations

How to Make a Sweet Ride From Only Wood and Glue


Pirate Vampire Dug Up in Bulgaria


The Arc of History is Long, But it Bends Toward Asian Economic Dominance

Wind turbines in Pennsylvania

Scientists Save Bats and Birds from Wind Turbine Slaughter


What’s the Difference Between Clinically Dead, Figuratively Dead and Just Plain Dead?

Simulation of a detection of the Higgs boson in the CMS experiment

Finally, For Real, We (May Have) Found the God Particle

Microoptics of the AWARE2 camera

Gigapixel Camera Takes 11-Foot Wide Photos in 0.01 Seconds


Yankees Fans Actually Do Keep Their Enemies Closer — In Their Minds, At Least

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