Kinect Hack Lets You Sink Every Shot, Every Time

For those who can never hit the trash can with their little wads of paper, never fear, Kinect can help

You could improve your aim, or you could improve your trash can.
You could improve your aim, or you could improve your trash can. Weirtz Sabastien

Thank goodness for Kinect. First it gave us games, then controlling robots with your arms, dispensing candy, touching toilet seats, you name it and Kinect probably has you covered. What more could we ask of Kinect? How about making sure we always hit the garbage can when we toss trash at it? Sure, why not. explains how it’s done:

Impressively, he’s created most of it from scratch, too. First of all he made a base with motorized wheels which is connected to a circuit board for remote control. This base is then attached to the bottom of the waste basket. A hacked Kinect camera monitors the entire room and FRP wrote a program that makes the camera track airborne materials, calculates their trajectory, and moves the basket to where it’s likely to land. The end result is an intelligent bin that more than makes up for a poor aim.

Check it out:

Also good for impressing girls with your killer aim. Or maybe just your killer Kinect hacking skills.

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