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Haohan Qiao, a newly opened 984-foot-long bridge in China's Hunan province.

Look Down If You Dare: 14 of the World's Most Terrifying (and Beautiful) Glass Skywalks

A new glass bridge in China is suspended 590 feet in the air — and visitors brave enough to cross it can see all the way down

The Plain of Jars in northeast Laos may be related to burial rituals dating back 2,000 years—but the site still proves a mystery to archeologists.

Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

A grassy area studded with hulking, 2,000-year-old jars provides a surreal sight as well as an archeological puzzle

Ganden Sumtseling Monastery in Shangri-La was built in 1679 at the direction of the Fifth Dalai Lama.

Retracing the Footsteps of China's Patron Saint of Tourism

Travelers are discovering the Ming dynasty's own Indiana Jones, an adventurer who dedicated his life to exploring his country's Shangri-Las

A man throws colored water as he celebrates Holi in Nandgaon, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, February 28, 2015.

Holi 2015: Stunning Photos of Holi, the Festival of Colors

Celebrated all over India and around the world, the Hindu festival heralds the beginning of spring

The Well of Death came from the American motordome racing popular in the early 1900s.

India's Dying Well of Death

Brave stuntmen have long been riding the near-vertical walls of India's Well of Death—but the popular spectacle is on the decline

A new hotel in Japan will have robots serving its front desks.

Japan Announces Plans for the First Hotel Run by Robots

Slated to open July 17, the hotel in a Japanese theme park will be staffed by "actroids"

Neuschwanstein Castle, the ultimate fairy-tale castle, is the 13th most visited castle in the world.

The World’s Most-Visited Castles and Palaces

From Paris to Beijing, these historic castles and palaces draw millions of visitors for a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and famous

The festival covers eight million square feet and uses over 1.9 million square feet of ice.

One of the World's Largest Ice and Snow Carnivals Is Underway in China

The 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival runs through February 25

“You could say that saving species is in my blood,” says Chris Darwin, a conservationist who lives in the mountains explored by his great-great-grandfather.

Evotourism ®

How Australia Put Evolution on Darwin’s Mind

The famous naturalist’s revolutionary theory first took shape not in the Galápagos but in the primeval Blue Mountains

"The Traveler's Eye: Scenes from Asia," at the Sackler Gallery through May 2015, features more than 100 mementos from travels around the Asian continent. This postcard is from early-20th-century China.

Before Instagram, Memorializing Asia’s Most Traveled Roads

From Moroccan postcards to Japanese scrolls, the Sackler Gallery explores five centuries of travel around the Asian continent

Throwing money into the air during the celebration of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Festivals of the Dead Around the World

In the United States, Halloween is mostly about candy, but elsewhere in the world celebrations honoring the departed have a spiritual meaning

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia


World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries

A visit to these hauntingly beautiful cemeteries illuminates more than just mortality

A hand stencil design on the wall of a cave in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Prehistoric Rock Art to Visit Around the World

Scientists just discovered some of the world's oldest art in a cave in Indonesia. Want to see more prehistoric masterpieces? Here are eight other options

To enter Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, visitors must descend over 260 feet.

American South

From the Biggest to the Longest, Five Amazing Caves To Visit

New measurements revealed the world's largest cave, which is unfortunately off-limits. But what are some other impressive underworlds open for visitors?

Sunrise illuminates a sea of clouds high in the mountains of Taiwan's Alishan Range.


Ride Taiwan's "Sunrise Train" into a Sea of Clouds

A miraculous feat of engineering, the Alishan Forest Railway carries passengers to a land of world-class tea and sought-after sunrises

Pork and Anise Soup with Rice Noodles.

These Photos and Recipes of Authentic Thai Food Will Make You Drool for Curry

Food writer and photographer Jean-Pierre Gabriel spent 3 years traveling and developing the ultimate encyclopedia of Thai cuisine


Soak Up the Enchanting Beauty of Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake

Beautiful and pristine, Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan draws millions of visitors each year

Maunsell Sea & Air Forts in the U.K.

17 Amazing Photographs of Abandoned Places

Top places you should see before they die... or at least disappear

Lighting the sails at the Sydney Opera House.


Sydney's Spectacular Technicolor Art Festival in Nine Mesmerizing GIFs

3-D digital light projections and interactive sound sculptures transform famous landmarks around Australia's largest city

The crater measures almost 230 feet across.

This Hellish Desert Pit Has Been On Fire for More Than 50 Years

In the Turkmenistan desert, a crater dubbed "The Door to Hell" has been burning for decades

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