This Art Studio Nurtures Talent in People on the Autism Spectrum

New York City's Pure Visions Arts provides an art and exhibition space for around 40 creative people with autism

Where the Buffalo Roam: Illinois

American bison are back in Illinois for the first time in 200 years

Lawyers With Less-Masculine Sounding Voices Are More Likely to Win in Court

Unfortunately, there's probably little we can do to change this bias

Dumpling squid don't let danger stop them from mating.

Threat of Being Eaten Doesn’t Deter Dumpling Squid From Sex

The adorable cephalopods seem to rate mating higher on their list of priorities than survival

The Guinean village of Meliandou, where the 2014 ebola epidemic first broke out.

The First 2014 Ebola Victim Likely Caught It by Playing Around a Bat Tree

Evidence builds that insect-eating bats are natural reservoirs for the disease

A shrine set up for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012.

What's the Best Method For Preventing School Attacks?

A new type of glass designed to keep gunmen out of school raises the question of whether defense is being prioritized over prevention

Binge Drinking Suppresses the Immune System

Binge drinking not only makes people more accident-prone, it impairs their ability to recover from those accidents

A ninth century merchant ship unearthed in Turkey.

Nearly 40 Byzantine Shipwrecks Were Recently Unearthed in Turkey

The exceptionally well-preserved ships offer new insight into ship-building history

Argentina Has a Superstition That Seventh Sons Will Turn into Werewolves

If the president adopts them, however, the seventh sons are spared from their werewolf fate

Tesla's New Car Can Go From Boston to Baltimore on a Single Charge

One charge can carry the Tesla Roadster up to 400 miles

Live Happier (And More Energy Efficiently) by Sleeping More And Inviting Your Friends Over

Increasing your well being in the new year can also be good for the planet

Ants Usually Turn Left While Exploring

It's a sinister version of human's tendency towards right-handedness

Blind People Can Echolocate

Echolocation acts as such a close a proxy for vision that it falls victim to the same shortcomings

Get a good look at Sinea incognita, a newly recognized species of assassin bug.

Meet the Stealthiest Assassin Bug in the United States

The unique and secretive species has been living among us unrecognized for a century

Canada’s Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks’ Days Are Numbered Thanks to Climate Change

Skating rinks are already open for fewer days in the year than they were just a decade ago

The aftermath of a bomb blast in Tel Aviv, 1996.

Living Under the Threat of Terrorism Might Shorten Lives

Constant fear of terrorist attacks is linked to elevated heart rates, which is a predictor of increased risk of death

These Two Guys Recreate Famous Paintings Using Only Office Supplies and a Phone

FoolsDoArt cranks out slapstick renditions of works ranging from "American Gothic" to "Girl with the Pearl Earring"

Sculptures in St. Anthony's Chapel in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Has a Huge Collection of Relics

St. Anthony’s Chapel contains the largest number of relics outside of the Vatican

Truffles Have a THC-like Substance in Them

This produces a euphoric smell that likely evolved as a way to trick animals into eating them

Why a Tanzanian Village Chased Six Elephants Off a Cliff

Not all animal killings are linked to the illegal wildlife trade

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