Aspidoscelis neavesi, a species unlike any other.

This New Lizard Species Evolved in a Lab

The novel reptile shows that hybrids can indeed lead to viable species, but not by the normal reproductive route

Here's the Tolkien nerd’s guide to the third Hobbit movie.

The Tolkien Nerd’s Guide to "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"

The final chapter in Peter Jackson's trilogy strays furthest from the book, but there are still a few buried Easter eggs for die-hard fans to enjoy

Teachers Can Control Who the Cool Kids Are

Children nestled in the center of the classroom are deemed the coolest

Eurasian lynx playing in the snow in Germany.

Europe Is a Great Place to Be a Large Meat-Eater

In a rare success story for wildlife, bears, lynx, wolverine and wolves are increasing in numbers across the continent

Wisdom, the World's Oldest Albatross, Laid an Egg

This is about the 35th time Wisdom has been a mother-to-be

Even A/C Can't Keep Our Economies From Slacking Off on Hot Days

As global warming turns up the temperature on the planet, it's going to be tougher to get anything done

Fat cells.

Now We Know Where Fat Goes When We Lose Weight

We breathe it out

America's Best Butter Is Handchurned in Vermont

The price for perfection is $49 per pound

When Sperm Meets Egg, Zinc Sparks Fly

Billions of tiny zinc particles explode from the surface of mammalian eggs when a sperm cell touches down

Making Dead People's Pulses Beat Again

A new device can transform 150-year-old printed representations of heart beats into actual sound

Pollution Is Turning the Taj Mahal Brown

Workers must periodically cover the Taj Mahal in clay to remove the pollutants stuck to its marble walls

Only 5 Northern White Rhinos remain. A powerful image of three of them under guard by Kate Brooks.

There Are Probably Just Five Northern White Rhinos Left

The death of a captive rhino at the San Diego Zoo brings the species closer to imminent extinction

The Library for Magicians Is Taking Appointments

The Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York City houses some of the world's rarest books on the art of deception

Scientists Finally Figure Out the “Big Bang” of Bird Evolution

The genomes of 45 birds contributed to the most in-depth bird evolutionary tree ever created

Conserving Tigers Could Hurt Leopards

When one predator returns, another can be displaced

Plastic trash collected from the world's oceans.

The Ocean Contains Over Five Trillion Pieces of Plastic Weighing More than 250,000 Tons

These frightening figures represent the most robust estimate of marine plastic pollution calculated to date

You've Never Seen Nerve Endings Like These

Scientists produce the most detailed images of nerve endings ever made

Typhoons Saved 13th Century Japan From Invasion

Geologic evidence supports historic accounts of the great "Kamikaze" of 1274 and 1281

Online Students Give Better Reviews to Professors They Think Are Male

Even if the teachers were actually women, if the students thought they were men, the bias stuck


TGI Fridays Has Dispatched Mistletoe-Carrying Drones in Restaurants

There's already been one collision between drone and human

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