This relatives and friends of this 30-something-year-old woman suspected she might come back from the grave as a vampire, as indicated by the sickle placed directly across her neck, and meant to keep her in the ground.

The 17th-Century Polish Vampire Next Door

In 17th century Poland, people pegged as vampires weren't weirdo foreigners but locals who freaked their neighbors out

Two turkeys spent last night in the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, DC.

Pardoned Turkeys Spend a Night in a Hotel First

After an evening in a $350 hotel room, today President Obama will spare the birds from the butcher's block

Heroin Use Is on the Rise Again, Thanks to Suburban White Users

OxyContin is heroin's new gateway drug, experts say

A rufous hummingbird.

One Hummingbird's Unusual Flight: From Minnesota to Texas, on a Plane

Rufous hummingbirds have no business being in St. Paul amid freezing temperatures

The world's favorite edible bird.

Chinese Chickens May Have Been Domesticated 10,000 Years Ago

Bones found in ancient farming sites are lending insight into the origins of our favorite fowl

An illustration based on Livingstone's materials depicts the famous meeting of Livingston and Stanley at Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Decoding the Lost Diary of David Livingstone

Modern technology allowed researchers to reveal that the good doctor was not all that the public presumed

The proposed canal routes through Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Is Going Ahead With a Massive Canal That Will Bisect the Country

According to experts, the project will likely wreak havoc on both Nicaraguans and the country's environment

The worm's progression through the man's brain, over a four year period.

A Tapeworm Crawled Around In This Man's Brain for Years

Studying the extracted parasite might help others avoid a similar infestation

How One Crop Allowed Humans to Conquer the Himalaya

Hardy barley enabled us to survive at altitudes that were previously beyond reach


This New Video of the Earth Is the Best Ever Made

The video was made with images taken by a Russian satellite

Having a Complicated Job Might Help Protect Memory Later in Life

Regardless of your starting IQ, mental function seems to increase or decrease depending on whether your job was challenging or menial

About 25 million years ago, a massive landslide engulfed the area between Beaver and Cedar City, Utah.

City-Sized Landslides Happened in the Past And Can Happen Again

Utah has a new claim to fame: it was the site of the world's largest known landslide

An artist's interpretation of the Philae lander separating from Rosetta and landing on the comet.

The Philae Spacecraft Confirmed the Presence of Organic Molecules on the Comet it Landed On

Researchers hope the finding sheds light on how organic molecules might have first arrived on Earth

Pacific bluefin tuna populations have declined by up to 33 percent over the last 20 years.

300+ Species Just Joined the List of Threatened Plants And Animals

Overfishing, overhunting and habitat loss drove many of the new additions

Outfitting Football Helmets With Magnets Could Reduce Concussions

Strong magnets can repel at least 300 lbs of force, preventing heads from colliding

A bed bug surrounded by potentially parasite-laden feces.

Bed Bugs Can Transmit the Chagas Disease Parasite

The parasite is usually associated with Latin and South America, but was recently found throughout Louisiana, too

Sunflower sea stars are just one of 20 species affected.

Meet the Tiny Killer Causing Millions of Sea Stars to Waste Away

The deadly sea star wasting disease, which turns live animals into slimy goop, is caused by a previously unknown virus


Physicists Explain Why Coffee Is More Prone to Spills Than Beer

It all comes down to the foam

We're Running Out of Chocolate

We're eating so much chocolate that plants can't keep up

Get Past the Vile Smell: Ginkgo Nuts Are Delicious

People have been feasting on these tasty little morsels since at least the 11th century

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