Lack of Sleep Seems to Be More Deadly for Firefighters Than Fire

Sleep disorders are rampant among firefighters, and the majority do not seek treatment

Bullying Pays Off For Chimp Dads

For male chimps, the meaner you are, the more offspring you have


This Artist Makes E. coli-Shaped Popsicles

For those who prefer plants to pathogens, there's popsicle cacti, too

Why Charging for Plastic Bags Makes People Give Them Up

It's all about setting up psychological tripping blocks

Europeans Thought Coffee Was Satanic

Until the Pope tried it out and became a fan

This Is Your Brain on Ideas

Momentarily tuning out the world seems to be a requirement for tapping into an insightful idea

Living in Tough Environments Makes People More Prone to Belief in God

People living in harsh natural environments are more likely to believe in a tough, moralizing god

How Cats Transformed From Wild Animals to Cuddly Companions

Genetically, there's not that much separating feline pets from jungle beasts

Grad Students Carry 40 Percent of All Student Debt

But they make up just 14 percent of enrollment at U.S. universities

A Lost John Steinbeck Short Story Was Rediscovered, Published

The short story deals with the racial politics of the mid-20th century

A Soldier’s Room Has Remained Virtually Untouched Since WWI

The home's current owner, however, says he feels little connection to the dead soldier

Scientists Figured Out How to Make People "Feel" an Otherworldly Presence

Feeling like a ghost or an angel is near is likely caused by a blip in how our brain processes self awareness and our sense of place in space

Mexican free-tailed bats can be real jerks to their friends.

On Summer Nights, Some Bats Like to Jam

Mexican free-tailed bats “jam” each others’ echolocation calls to discombobulate competitors

Smaug now resides at the Wellington airport.

Smaug the Dragon And Other Unexpected Airport Surprises

There's more to the world's airports than newsstands and food courts

How the Word “OK” Was Invented 175 Years Ago

OK is an editorial joke run wild

Nearly 400 Journalists Have Been Murdered Over the Past Ten Years

Only ten percent of their killers are ever reprimanded

Humans Outnumber Rats in NYC

There's actually about one rat for every four people

What Happens When Western And Traditional Chinese Medicine Merge

These two treatment philosophies were previously seen as being diametrically opposed, but some experts think the systems can complement each another

Village clearings deep in the Peruvian Amazon, as spotted by a satellite.

Should We Use Satellites to Keep an Eye on Remote Amazonian Tribes?

Satellite monitoring could help keep tabs on indigenous people without invasive visits to their remote homes

Scotland Is No Longer Home to the World’s Best Whiskys

When it comes to whisky, Japan, the US and even England now reign supreme

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