There’s an Airbnb for Fields in England

In the U.K., you can rent a field for weddings, concerts, sports matches or simply your own enjoyment

Photo: Anne Loustaunou/Corbis

Need a field? Have a field but don't know how to market it? A website called Field Lover has you covered. The site, based out of the U..K, operates like Airbnb for grassy patches. As Field Lover points out, there's a whole host of social gatherings that require fields—weddings, concerts, camping events...even hot air ballooning or"gymkhana and car boot sales."  

Typical offerings range from a field with "the most amazing views over the North Yorkshire countryside" to "a fabulous field on our family farm – perfect for hosting a magnificent marquee." If existing field listings don't meet your needs, you can set up an alert and a "Field Wanted" listing for finding the perfect plot of grass to graze ponies or host a laser tag tournament. 

Field rentals are so far only available in the U.K., where land ownership often dates back to the feudal system and the majority of countryside plots belong to private holders. But with enough demand, perhaps landowners in the U.S. and Canada will start marketing their grassy expanses, too. 

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