Tesla’s New Car Can Go From Boston to Baltimore on a Single Charge

One charge can carry the Tesla Roadster up to 400 miles

Photo: INTS KALNINS/Reuters/Corbis

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, gave electric car fans a Christmas present yesterday in the form of a brief Twitter announcement: 

For East Coast residents—the drive from Boston to Baltimore covers just under 400 miles (although of course you might want to add a little margin for error before taking off). 

As the Washington Post writes, this is about 150 miles further than the old Roadster model could travel on a single charge. From the limited information available so far, it seems that the new Roadster will accomplish this using a completely revamped battery pack. Musk added on Twitter that the Model S's battery upgrade, however, will happen further down the line.

The new Roadster is priced around $100,000, whereas the Model S hovers at about $70,000. 

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