Construction Underway on Clock That Will Keep Time for 10,000 Years

Funded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the $42 million mechanical timekeeper will be located inside a mountain in west Texas

"Untitled, 1969" and other works by artist and activist Howardena Pindell are the focus of a new show at the Modern Contemporary Art Chicago.

Howardena Pindell Gets Her First Major Museum Survey

The multidisciplinary artist and activist reshaped what art could be

The Aluminaire House was designed in 1931 by architects Albert Frey and A. Lawrence Kocher.

First American Project by Desert Modernism Architect to be Rebuilt in Palm Springs

It will join the rest of Albert Frey's work

If you look closely at the lower right of galaxy NGC 613, the baby supernova pops into existence at the end of one of the galaxy's spiral arms.

Amateur Astronomer Captures Supernova's First Winks of Light

Scientists say the chances were less than one in a million

Roman mosaics date back to the Bronze Age, and a new one has just been discovered at the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

Oldest Mosaic at Roman Baths Found During Excavations

Mosaics have a long history, but this is considered the oldest at the site

SpaceX launches it's first re-used Falcon 9 rocket

Five Things to Know About SpaceX’s First Internet Satellite Launch

Along with an earth-observing satellite, the company will be testing two of a planned 12,000 internet satellites

Markus Brunetti, Wells Cathedral Church of St. Andrews, 2015-2016 Archival Pigment Print

Thousands of Photographs Created These Hyper-Real Portraits of Historic Buildings

German artist Markus Brunetti brings a high-tech approach to capturing centuries-old cathedrals

These Arabica coffee beans could help support biodiversity—as long as they're grown in the shade.

Coffee Growing Can Be Good For Birds No Matter What Bean You Choose

Whether you swing arabica or robusta, your coffee can support biodiversity—as long as it's grown in the shade

Colorado State University archeologist Chris Fisher has used the laser mapping technique in Mexico and Honduras.

Laser Mapping Shows Ancient City in Mexico Contained 40,000 Buildings

Researchers used LiDAR scanning to reveal the sprawling metropolis of Angamuco

Tombs in the ancient city of Hierapolis, in modern-day Turkey.

How the Roman "Gates of Hell" Killed Animal Sacrifices but Let Human Priests Escape Unharmed

In ancient times, the gates seemed to respond to supernatural powers, but it's actually all about science

The scholar, educator, and political activist Angela Davis was the nation’s most iconic revolutionary for a generation.

Angela Davis' Archive Comes to Harvard

The papers illuminate her rise from philosophy professor to global icon and activist

Tesla Roadster Has Six Percent Chance of Crashing to Earth in the Next Million Years

Don't worry, it's unlikely to happen anytime soon—and even if it does most of it would burn up on entry

The flattie spider has the fastest-leg driven turn on the planet. Researchers say this finding has practical applications.

Meet the Spider With One of the Fastest Spins on the Planet

These spiders can twirl around faster than a blink of an eye to strike its prey

This Electronic "Skin" Already Has a Sense of Touch. Now It Can Also Heal Itself

The new e-skin can both heal itself and be recycled, limiting electronic waste

Members of the U. S. Figure Skating Team pose before boarding Belgian Sabena airline plane at Idle Wild airport, Feb. 14, 1961, New York. The plane crashed Feb. 15 near the Brussels, Belgium Airport killing all on board.

The Devastating Impact of the 1961 Plane Crash That Wiped Out the Entire U.S. Figure Skating Team

On this day in 1961, the U.S. figure skating team was headed to the World Championships in Prague. They never made it.


Arizona Woman Wakes Up With Foreign Accent

The 45 year old has woken up with Australian, Irish and British accents

New Met Exhibition Transports You to the Korean Peninsula's Diamond Mountains

The North Korea resort destination has been inaccessible to tourists for nearly a decade

Close-up of tent detail in Verplancks Point watercolor

Newly Discovered 235-Year-Old Watercolor Shows Off General Washington’s Wartime Tent

The painting offers a unique glimpse into the Revolutionary War

The new softbots can lift an astonishing amount with the assistance of only air or water pressure.

This Artificial Muscle Can Lift 1,000 Times Its Own Weight

They were inspired by origami

The 1848 "Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World."

Museum Restores North America's Longest Painting

Completed in 1848, the quarter-mile-long panorama deteriorated after it toured the country on wagons and trains

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