The oldest glacier in the Alps is protected by special white blankets to prevent it from melting.

This Swiss Town Is Protecting Its Glacier With a Blanket

But a high-tech solution might be on the way

New research sheds light on the stick spider's evolutionary history in Hawaii.

These Curious Spiders Evolved the Same Way Over and Over and Over Again

A new study suggests the stick spider evolved the same way in multiple different places


500-Year-Old Pistol Part Could Shed Light on Colorado’s Spanish Colonial Past

The pistol part was found during an excavation several years ago by the Museums of Western Colorado’s Western Investigations Team

Illustration of the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft approaching the Sun.

Get a "Hot Ticket" to Send Your Name to the Sun

Sign up to have your name placed on a microchip that will travel on board the Parker Solar Probe

Students at the New York Academy of Art have reconstructed the faces of migrants who died at the border in hopes of identifying them.

To Help Identify Migrants Who Died Along Border, Art Class Reconstructs Their Faces

When DNA analysis and dental exams aren’t possible, facial reconstruction is a last-resort to identifying remains

Photographers and locals are witnessing what's called "blue ice" near Lake Michigan.

Huge Chunks of Blue Ice Appear on Lake Michigan's Straits of Mackinac

Blue ice isn't actually blue, it just appears that way because of how light is reflected on it

Storm Emma has caused one of the UK's largest mass strandings of sea critters along the North Sea coast.

Tens of Thousands of Sea Creatures Wash Up on UK Shores Following Freezing Weather

Piles of starfish, crab, mussels and lobsters collected along the North Sea coast

This image shows curved sand dunes but also a strange pattern of boulder piles on the landscape of Mars.

Striking Mars Image Shows Strange Boulder Piles and Undulating Sand Dunes

Though the image looks otherworldly, the likely processes behind these oddities also happen on Earth

Experts speculate this why toad doesn't have a face.

Why Doesn’t This Toad Have a Face?

A graduate student and herpetologist turns to Twitter for answers

The massive family tree includes 13 million people

This May Be the World’s Largest Family Tree

Using more than 86 million profiles from, researchers created a database that links 13 million people

The researchers found that the Danger Islands have 751,527 pairs of Adélie penguins, more than the rest of the entire Antarctic Peninsula region combined.

Scientists Discover "Super-Colony" of 1.5 Million Adélie Penguins in Images From Space

In other areas of the Antarctic, the black and white birds are in decline—but on the Danger Islands, they thrive

Synchronous fireflies flash in harmony in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.

These Were America’s Most-Visited National Parks in 2017

Of the National Park Service's 417 sites, 385 keep track of their park visitors

Male flowers of the striped maple tree.

The Mystery of the Sex-Changing Striped Maple Trees

Yes, trees can be male or female. And sometimes they switch it up

Dubai is home to three million residents, making city-wide DNA testing no small feat.

Dubai Wants to DNA Test Its Millions of Residents to Prevent Genetic Disease

The ambitious plan is part of its Dubai 10X Initiative to improve health in the city

Bigelow's inflatable modules, called B330, could host commercial ventures and travelers in the near future.

A Space Hotel Could Be Coming Soon to Skies Near You

Bigelow Aerospace wants to launch two inflatable modules for a space habit as early as 2021

Under a new initiative, a digital art installation will cover the facade of Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

World’s Largest Digital Art Display Will Go Live This Fall in Chicago

Art deco landmark Merchandise Mart will be lit up across nearly 3 acres of its river-facing façade

Tai Hang fire dragon

These Tiny Works of Art Depict a Disappearing Way of Life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's largest miniature art exhibition featured 52 dioramas made by 19 artists

King Penguin

As Oceans Warm, King Penguins' Food Moves Farther Away. That's a Problem

The already treacherous journey for nourishment will get increasingly challenging for penguins in the years ahead

The latest donation to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is taken down into the frosty underground chamber for storage.

Global Seed Vault Gets Its Millionth Donation and a $13 Million Update

Built in 1998, the vault safeguards the world’s food storage in case of a global disaster


See Rare Images Depicting Life, Work at the White House

A team of librarians at the White House Historical Association are digitizing 25,000 behind-the-scenes photographs from 1962 to 1987

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