The Kiss
In the privacy of the narrow hallway under the fire stairs of the Mosque Theater, while other performers are on stage before 3,000 fans in the audience, Elvis is concentrating on his date for the day.

How Photographer Alfred Wertheimer Captured Elvis Presley's Kiss

"I think most of the time Elvis didn’t even know I was taking photographs," said the photographer, who died in 2014

“I loved this sort of reference to a particular period in my upbringing as a kid," says the artist Nick Cave," and having these amazing, sort of outrageous Easter hunts."

There's More to This Towering Pink Easter Bunny Than Kitsch

Evoking springtime and rebirth, African burial ritual, rhythm, and identity, the "soundsuit" by artist Nick Cave is packed with iconic themes

A chocolate pot from Yokohama, Japan, ca. 1904. Porcelain with clear glaze and overglaze enamels

A Brief History of the Chocolate Pot

How humans have consumed chocolate sheds lights on its significance to cultures and eras

Beneath Anderson's coat is a bright orange velour jacket, a form-fitting number trimmed in gold with turquoise buttons, now among the collections at the Smithsonian.

When Marian Anderson Sang at the Lincoln Memorial, Her Voice Stunned the Crowd, and Her Gold-Trimmed Jacket Dazzled

With no color photos of her famous performance in existence, the brilliance of Marian Anderson's bright orange outfit has been lost, until now

Every day California sea otters spend 10 to 12 hours hunting and consume nearly a third of their body weight.

Otters: The Picky Eaters of the Pacific

Could the California sea otters' peculiar dietary habits be impeding their resurgence?

One of the best-documented female soldiers is Sarah Edmonds. She was a Union soldier and worked during the Civil War as a nurse.

The Women Who Fought in the Civil War

Hundreds of women concealed their identities so they could battle alongside their Union and Confederate counterparts

Visitors to the National Zoo might glimpse one or more of the seven lion cubs born there in August and September.

What's Up

Auto Immune Response #6, 2004 by artist and photographer Will Wilson.

What's Up

This past Columbus Day, performance artist James Luna stood in front of Washington, D.C.'s Union Station and invited people to take his picture.

Q and A: James Luna

The Native American artist talks about his "Take a Picture With a Real Indian" performance


Wednesday Roundup: Aviator Lions, Rockwell Models and Baby Anteaters

Latest exhibits from around the Mall

William Steinway Diary

Now On Display at American History: The Diary of Piano Man William Steinway

The newest exhibit in the American History Museum's Albert H. Small Documents gallery has been a long time coming


Deck the Halls: Smithsonian Holiday Decorations


Wednesday Roundup: Happy Holidays!


The Lions in Winter: Cubs Get Their Names and Debut in Public

Fox River Promotion Booklet, 2006Designed by Marian Bantjes (Canadian, b. 1963)Booklet designed by Rick Valicenti (American, b. 1951) and Gina Garza (American, b. 1979)

Postmodernism's New Typography

In an act of rebellion against the prevailing Sans serif aesthetic, designers looked to celebrate creativity in their digital fonts


Pierre Huyghe Wins American Art's Contemporary Artist Award

Theo Eshetu's video installation, "Brave New World II," is on display at the African Art Museum.

Q & A: Theo Eshetu on His Video Art


Q & A: Ottawa/Ojibwe Basket-Weaver Kelly Church


Q & A: Caddo Potter Jereldine Redcorn


Q & A: Caddo Potter Jereldine Redcorn

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