The fossil Eremotherium was from south Georgia. And it was an important one, since it firmly establish the presence of the giant ground sloth, which had previously been unknown in the United States.

A Giant Sloth Mystery Brought Me Home to Georgia

A new book from former Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough describes his journey into the collections in search of connections to his heritage

This 1943 large letter postcard is now a collector's item.

Smithsonian Secretary Clough on His Hometown

Post retirement, he will be spending more time in Douglas, Georgia

Invitees to the museum’s grand reopening in 2008 admire the newly restored flag.

Previewing the Smithsonian’s Plans for the 200th Anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner

And at the same time, the American History Museum celebrates its 50th birthday

Anyone with a 3-D printer can now make a replica of our woolly mammoth skeleton.

How Will 3-D Printing Change the Smithsonian?

The Secretary of the Smithsonian looks at the many advantages offered by the new technology

Villagers construct a new bridge over the Apurimac River, in Huinchiri, Peru, in 2012.

The Earliest and Greatest Engineers Were the Incas

Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough treks to Peru to see how Machu Picchu was built

A veterinarian examines a cheetah cub at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Keeping the Smithsonian Sustainable

Secretary Clough writes on the benefits of being an environmentally savvy institution

The Contemplative Court (concept illustration) at the National Museum of African American History and Culture will feature falling water and a dramatic view.

Dream Building

Entomology research technician Nor Faridah Dahlan with frozen tissue samples.

Icons and Insights

Icons and Insights

At the high Andes village of Chawaytiri, Secretary G. Wayne Clough took part in the Procession of the Llama.

Inca Highway

Instruments developed at the Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, such as this Solar Probe, will go to the Sun in 2018.

New Angles

Yves Klein produced controversial and boundary-breaking single-color paintings, elemental canvases of fire, water and air, and even galleries emptied of all artworks.

Simple Pleasures

Thomas Jefferson cut verses from six copies of the New Testament to create his own personal version.

Secretary Clough on Jefferson's Bible

The head of the Smithsonian Institution details the efforts American History Museum conservators took to repair the artifact

The Smithsonian collection of 8,000-plus instruments includes 5 by Stradivari.

Sound Scholarship

Now open: Udvar-Hazy's Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar (artist rendering).

A Better Space

A new Folkways album is one of many offerings for the war sesquicentennial.

Civil Discourse

Deciphering the universe is a "Grand Challenge." Shown here is Galaxy M100.


The Smithsonian's renowned Orchid Collection numbers more than eight thousand plants.

Bloom Time at the Smithsonian

Scavenger hunts with mobile devices are a hit with teens.


Shanthi, a 34-year-old female, checks out the Zoo's new digs for Asian elephants.

Trail Blazing

Smithsonian conservators are helping to save the murals at Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Art Work

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