We All Fly

Our readers share their own adventures in the air.

Michael Lenoch, on the day in 2018 that he soloed in a T-6 Texan during his training at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.

This C-130 Pilot Trainee Loves His Job, and Here’s Why

“When you’re working, you don’t feel like you’re working.”

Paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st airborne prepare to jump over Normandy on June 6, 1944.

What It Was Like

Four stories from the Normandy invasion.

Among the objects that caught the photographer's eye is this forlorn lower torso of a spacesuit that was never worn.

Space Places

A visual tour of the new global space race

The case-throat‑nozzle assembly contained RocketMotorTwo’s polyamide solid-fuel supply. The oxidizer tank is not pictured.

Power for Space Tourism

Richard Branson donates an historic rocket motor to the Museum.


2017 Photo Contest Finalists

Our readers took aerospace photography to new heights.

This view of a balloon touching down in Portage, Michigan won in the Reader’s Choice Category.

Fifth Annual Photo Contest Winners

The best shots from this year’s competition.

Dominik Hanke's "Lost in the Field" won Grand Prize in our Fourth Annual Photo Contest.

Cast Your Vote In Our Photo Contest

Pick your favorite image for the Readers' Choice winner by midnight, January 14.


Vote For Your Favorite Vintage Airplane in Sacramento This Weekend

The National Aviation Heritage International comes to the California Capital Airshow.

Irma as it bore down on the Caribbean on September 5.

How Do Hurricanes Form, and Who Would Fly Into One?

Scenes from a Category 5 storm.

An Erickson Air-Crane above a powerline tower it helped erect in British Columbia. Each section of the tower weighed about 17,000 pounds.

What Helicopter Climbs the Fastest?

This 1971 record still stands.

 The U. S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Landscape With Airplanes

The view from 18,000 feet.

Two thumbs up: Jeff Skiles, a former EAA vice president and first officer on Flight 1549—the “Miracle on the Hudson”—treats a Young Eagle to a first flight.

A Young Eagles Flight Is Just the First Step

EAA has a flight plan for you, and it could save you $10,000.


Watch This Guy Catch a Ball Dropped From 1,000 Feet

Babe Ruth did it. Why not Zack Hample?

Our Grand Prize winner, from The Netherlands.

Presenting the Winners of Our 4th Annual Photo Contest

And the awards go to....


Storm Forecast

The Hubble Space Telescope is keeping watch on Jupiter’s active aurora.

The "Readers' Choice Category Winner" for the 3rd Annual Air & Space Photo Contest.

Third Annual Photo Contest Winners

The year’s best shots, from astronomy to military aviation.

Members of the New Horizons team and journalists review new processed images from the New Horizons spacecraft, July 15, 2015. (Embedded journalist, standing left, Jeff Moore, science team, NASA Ames Research Center; Randy Gladstone science team Southwest Research Institute (SwRI); Andy Chaikin, science writer; Willam Lewis, science writer; Will Grundy, science team, Lowell Observatory; Maria Stothoff, media relations, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL); Steve Maran, science writer. Seated; Laura Cantillo, NASA media relations, left, John Spencer, science team, Southwest Research Institute; and New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern of SwRI.)

Kudos for Pluto

The New Horizons team will receive the National Air and Space Museum’s 2016 Current Achievement Award.

A TKTYPE floats on Inland Lake in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Flight in Alaska

A place where—still—the best practical means of travel is the airplane.

Test pilot Lawrence Clousing with a Lockheed P-80, Moffett Field, California, 1948. Note the NACA emblem, with no periods, on the wall of the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory.

Before the Meatball

NASA’s logo may have been cooler, but the NACA emblem was worn by famous pilots like Orville Wright and Eddie Rickenbacker.

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