Researchers tested samples from seven ceramic vessels found on the ancient site of Cotzumalhuapa, and they found nicotine residue in three of them.

Mesoamericans May Have Drunk Tobacco During Rituals 1,000 Years Ago

New research reveals evidence of nicotine residue on vases unearthed in Guatemala

Researchers use microphones to measure the noises emitted by tomato plants.

Plants Make Noises When Stressed, Study Finds

Scientists detected high-frequency sounds emitted by plants that had been cut or dehydrated

While the seeds do not indicate how the ancient humans used tobacco, researchers suspect that tobacco leaves, stems, and other plants may have been twisted together and chewed or sucked and the seeds were discarded or spit out.

Humans' Earliest Evidence of Tobacco Use Uncovered in Utah

The charred seeds suggest that people used tobacco over 12,000 years ago—much earlier than previously thought

Scholars will use A.I. to identify references to specific scents in artwork and texts.

Researchers Are Recreating Europe's Centuries-Old Scents

A team of scientists will curate an "encyclopedia of smell heritage" that spans the 16th through early 20th centuries

Researchers used these five replica clay pipes to "smoke" tobacco and other native plants.

Early Residents of the Pacific Northwest Smoked Smooth Sumac

Researchers used a new technique to detect the chemical fingerprints of specific plant species in a 1,400-year-old pipe's residue

Starting in the summer of 2020, it will be illegal in the United States to purchase tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices, under the age of 21.

The Public Health Benefits of Raising the Age for Buying Tobacco Products to 21

Advocates say the new provision will save lives—but some question whether it goes far enough

Scenes from the dig under the Jaques Cartier Bridge

Archaeologists Unearth 19th-Century Kiln That Fired Up Pipes for Montreal's Smokers

The city was once a prominent center of Canada's pipe-making industry

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for “a safe and harmless means for and method of smoking.”

Plans for the First E-cigarette Went Up in Smoke 50 Years Ago

Herbert A. Gilbert invented his "Smokeless" in 1963, but he couldn't convince any companies to bring the device to market

A pipe from the Lower Yukon region of Alaska.

North America's Earliest Smokers May Have Helped Launch the Agricultural Revolution

As archaeologists push back the dates for the spread of tobacco use, new questions are emerging about trade networks and agriculture

The FDA calls teen vaping an "epidemic"

FDA Cracks Down on Underage Use of E-Cigarettes

FDA's largest enforcement action to date gave warnings and fines to 1,300 retailers and requested plans to prevent teen vaping from five manufacturers

Archaeologists in Alexandria, Virginia, have unearthed three 18th-century ships that were buried to extend the city's land.

Three 18th-Century Ships Found in Old Town Alexandria Tell a Story of Colonial-Era Virginia

Another intentionally buried ship was found just a block away from the newly discovered finds in 2015

This advertisement from San Francisco-based electronic cigarette company JUUL calls back the tobacco advertisements from the mid-20th century.

Ads for E-Cigarettes Today Hearken Back to the Banned Tricks of Big Tobacco

A new 'Joe Camel'-esque phenomenon may be igniting as the new fad takes a 21st-century page out of an old playbook

Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke: It Gives Superbugs Superpowers

Antibiotic resistant bacteria even more resistant in the presence of cigarette smoke

One third of an airline's operating costs go to fuel.

Holy Smokes! Tobacco May Fuel Planes in the Future

The seeds from a new type of tobacco plant grown in South Africa release an oil that can be made into biofuel

Cigarette Seller in Iran

Cigarette Smuggling Is Rampant in Places Where a Pack Costs $14.50—And Where a Pack Cost Fifty Cents

In a roundabout way, the Iranian government may actually benefit from cigarette smuggling

A tobacco hornworm caterpillar chowing down on a wild tobacco plant in the Great Basin Desert, Utah

Caterpillars Repel Predators With Second-Hand Nicotine Puffs

As far as spiders are concerned, caterpillars have a case of very bad breath

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