Teams compete to form the tallest human towers, called castells—a centuries-old activity that creates quite the spectacle in Catalan public spaces.

Beyond the Headlines, Catalan Culture Has a Long History of Vibrancy and Staying Power

The autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia takes center stage at this summer's Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Artist Evan Keeling will be meeting visitors at the four-day "By the People Festival," a new gathering for arts and dialogue that the DC incubator Halcyon presents June 21 to 24.

How This Comic Maker Plans to Make Everyone an Artist

The first annual "By the People Festival" kicks off in the Washington, D.C. area with interactive art, gospel, Jazz, opera and other performances

A cartoon entitled "At the Polls," depicting an election day brawl, that appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1857.

Why Are There Laws That Restrict What People Can Wear to the Polls?

A new Supreme Court ruling changes the course of a century-long debate over speech and conduct when voting

Australian researchers have shown that bees can distinguish nothing from various positive numbers.

Bees May Understand Zero, a Concept That Took Humans Millennia to Grasp

If the finding is true, they'd be the first invertebrates to join an elite club that includes primates, dolphins and parrots

Woodrow Wilson at his desk in the Oval Office c. 1913.

Woodrow Wilson's Papers Go Digital, Leaving Microfiche Behind

This increased accessibility of Wilson’s papers coincides with a new wave of interest in the 28th president

Hundreds of theater lovers in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Times Square

The Issue on the Table: Is "Hamilton" Good For History?

In a new book, top historians discuss the musical’s educational value, historical accuracy and racial revisionism

First Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt in 40 Years Will Take Place This Fall

In a controversial move, Wyoming will allow a limited take of the once-endangered species

Reebok marketed their slim, pliable Freestyle shoes to aerobics lovers in the 1980s.

A Brief History of America’s Obsession With Sneakers

Invented for athletics, sneakers eventually became status symbols and an integral part of street style

Why This Year's Royal Wedding Cake Won't Be a Disgusting Fruitcake

Wedding guests of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can have their cake – and this time they’ll want to eat it, too

“Part of [Wolfe’s] skewering of society was to also be absolutely his own man,” says National Portrait Gallery curator Brandon Brame Fortune. “For him, that meant wearing this white vanilla colored three-piece suit wherever he went.”

Five Things to Know About Tom Wolfe

The late author had an undeniable influence on American writing

Asteroid 2010 WC9 as it appeared on May 15, 2018, at a distance of 453,600 miles.

An Asteroid Will Hurtle Past Earth Tonight in Close Flyby

While the space rock poses no danger to our planet, such a close pass is uncommon for asteroids of this size

President George H.W. Bush at the White House on January 12, 1991, the day Congress voted to authorize the Persian Gulf War.

An Unlikely Hardliner, George H. W. Bush Was Ready to Push Presidential Powers

Though he ended up seeking congressional approval for the Gulf War, Bush was unconvinced he needed it – saying he would have gone regardless of the vote

Trade union workers participate in a mass demonstration at the Place de la Republique, Paris, May. 24, 1968

Fifty Years Later, France Is Still Debating the Legacy of Its 1968 Protests

In an activist era, millions of French students and workers demanded radical change

Pepper talks to a group of museum visitors on the lower level of the National Museum of African Art.

The Smithsonian Is Using a Swahili-Speaking Robot to Break Down Language Barriers

Pepper the Robot's vocabulary lessons help visitors understand the great influence of southeast African art on global culture

Prince George and Princess Charlotte arriving at the Lindo wing at St Mary's Hospital to welcome their new baby brother, who will be fifth in line to the British throne.

Why Princess Charlotte Just Made Royal History

Thanks to a 2013 reform, the 2-year-old royal tot can welcome her new baby brother while maintaining her place in line for the throne

An installation of Brand New SW in Washington D.C.'s L'Enfant Plaza.

Modern Takes on 80s Artwork Hit Washington D.C. Streets

The Hirshhorn Museum's public art project 'Brand New SW' reflects a resurgence of retro aesthetics in contemporary art

The Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer, or VEST, has 32 vibrating motors distributed around the torso.

Could This Futuristic Vest Give Us a Sixth Sense?

For starters, the new technology—appearing on 'Westworld' before hitting the market—could help the deaf parse speech and ambient noise

Years after she captured this tender, reflective image of the First Lady, photographer Diana Walker sent a print of the photograph to George H. W. Bush. “It does seem like so long ago, but seeing this image brings everything back into focus,” President Bush wrote in response: “The photo now hangs in my office in Maine, and I enjoy it every day.”

Smithsonian Curators Reflect on How Barbara Bush Will Be Remembered

As both the First Lady and the mother of a President, Mrs. Bush leaves a legacy of a national grandmother with an iron backbone

This advertisement from San Francisco-based electronic cigarette company JUUL calls back the tobacco advertisements from the mid-20th century.

Ads for E-Cigarettes Today Hearken Back to the Banned Tricks of Big Tobacco

A new 'Joe Camel'-esque phenomenon may be igniting as the new fad takes a 21st-century page out of an old playbook

Djassi Johnson (left) and Kevin Boseman (right) perform the dance choreographed by Johnson.

Exclusive: Watch a Dynamic Reinterpretation of Joan Baez's "Civil War"

Part of a visual album accompanying the folk icon's new release, this choreographed performance takes a lyrical look at the American conflict

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