A pit in the Sea of Tranquility, captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Scientists Find an Underground Cave on the Moon That Could Shelter Future Explorers

Such caves could serve as lunar bases during upcoming missions, protecting astronauts against cosmic radiation and extreme temperatures

A prototype of the system for collecting the astronauts' urine. In the future, astronauts may go on longer spacewalks that will require them to carry more drinking water.

Spacesuit Prototype Turns Pee Into Drinking Water

The system is inspired by the stillsuits for collecting moisture in the science fiction epic <em>Dune</em>

Flaring, the burning of natural gas at an oil well, takes place on the&nbsp;Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. A large portion of Marathon Oil&#39;s emissions comes from flaring.

EPA Reaches $241 Million Settlement With Marathon Oil

The company was illegally polluting the air at nearly 90 facilities in North Dakota, a complaint alleges

The central region of the Omega Centauri globular cluster, where the Hubble Space Telescope found strong evidence for a medium-sized black hole.

Astronomers Spot Rare, Mid-Sized Black Hole in Our Galaxy

The black hole, if confirmed, is in the star cluster Omega Centauri, about 17,700 light-years away, and it could hold lessons about how such structures are formed

A petri dish with bacteria from a stool sample. The researchers found a number of bacteria, fungi and viruses in fecal samples from children that were altered in children with autism.

Gut Microbes Could Help Diagnose Autism, Study Suggests

While more research is needed, scientists detected specific differences between the gut microbiomes of children with and without autism

The procedure allowed people to walk faster, climb stairs better and avoid obstacles more easily.

New Bionic Leg and Surgical Procedure Allow People to Walk With More Control After Amputations

The experimental surgery connects two muscles in the legs of people with below-the-knee amputations, allowing them to control a prosthetic limb with their brain

The vehicles emitting excessively include certain 2012-2018 model year vehicles, including some Chevrolets, GMCs and Cadillacs.

General Motors to Pay $146 Million For Excess Emissions

Almost six million vehicles were emitting over 10 percent more carbon dioxide on average than compliance reports said they were

Dated rock art panel at Leang Karampuang

Indonesian Cave Painting Is Oldest-Known Visual Storytelling

The depiction of three human-like figures interacting with a pig dates to 51,200 years ago

In a still from a video, an ant at the bottom of the image bites off the leg of a wounded ant with a purple marker on its back.

Carpenter Ants Perform Life-Saving Amputations to Treat Leg Injuries

A new study provides the first evidence of non-human animals performing amputations on others to improve their odds of survival

At the beginning of June, aquarium officials announced Charlotte was no longer pregnant due to a reproductive disease.

Charlotte the 'Pregnant Virgin' Stingray Dies After Diagnosis of Reproductive Disease

The animal drew attention earlier this year for becoming pregnant despite having no male ray in her tank

Yun Chuan is &quot;serious about his bamboo but mild-mannered toward others,&quot; according to the San Diego Zoo.

Two Pandas Arrive at the San Diego Zoo, the First to Enter the U.S. in 21 Years

For months, the only pandas in the country had been in Atlanta. Next, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are expected to also receive pandas this year

An artist&#39;s rendition of the volcanic eruption that preserved several trilobite fossils in ash more than 500 million years ago.

Volcanic Ash Preserved Trilobite Fossils in Surprising Detail at 'Prehistoric Pompeii'

The specimens date to more than 500 million years ago and provide new insights into trilobite anatomy, revealing previously unseen features

Researchers have previously found evidence of Neanderthals caring for sick and injured individuals.

Neanderthal Child May Have Had Down Syndrome, Fossil Suggests

The child's survival until at least 6 years old could be evidence of collaborative caregiving in Neanderthal societies, according to a new paper

The face&#39;s novel anchors&mdash;holes filled with gel&mdash;allow the skin to stretch into a smile without damaging itself.

Researchers Make a Smiling Robotic Face From Living Skin

The team designed a new way for their lab-grown skin to adhere to the robot's face, in a creation that could help produce soft robots or train plastic surgeons

Jupiter&#39;s Great Red Spot is a large storm that has persisted for at least 190 years.

Jupiter's Signature Red Spot May Have Evolved More Than Once

The planet's massive storm, known as the Great Red Spot, seems to be different from a spot first observed at roughly the same location in the 17th century, a new study finds

Robert DiNapoli, co-author of a new study about population dynamics on Rapa Nui, stands in front of a rock garden on the island. People used rocks to make the volcanic land more suitable for farming.

Easter Island Did Not Collapse From Overuse of Resources After All, Study Suggests

A new paper contradicts the idea that people used up the island's resources and experienced a significant population decline, instead proposing that a small society lived there sustainably

A 2019 study found that teenagers who spend more than three hours per day on social media have double the risk for anxiety and depression symptoms.

Surgeon General Calls for Placing Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms

Vivek H. Murthy views social media as a contributor the mental health crisis in young people, and he suggests tobacco-style warnings on the apps

The bottles were discovered in five storage pits in a cellar at Mount Vernon.

Preserved Fruit From the 18th Century Found at George Washington's Estate

During a renovation project, archaeologists uncovered intact bottles containing preserved cherries and berries that are more than 250 years old

The white bison calf and its mother were spotted in Yellowstone National Park.

Rare White Bison Calf Born at Yellowstone National Park

A photographer spotted the calf on June 4. White buffalo are sacred to some Native American tribes, and the birth has been called a "blessing and a warning"

Akira Endo discovered the first statin, a class of molecule that decreases the production of cholesterol. He died June 5 at the age of 90.

Akira Endo, Biochemist Who Found a Way to Fight Heart Disease, Dies at 90

Endo's research paved the way for the development of drugs to treat high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes

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