Super Bowl

Rams know how to use their heads, but tigers are strategic attackers.

Who Would Win in a Real-World Battle: A Bengal Tiger or a Ram?

The big cats are stealthy predators, but the mountain-climbing ungulates are agile defenders

Taken in 1922, the ship Jose Gaspar passes the Lafayette Street Bridge in Tampa during the Gasparilla Festival

The True History and Swashbuckling Myth Behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Namesake

Pirates did roam the Gulf Coast, but more myths than facts have inspired the regional folklore

Eighmey's colonial-style corn cakes (top), forcemeat balls (lower right) and pickled French beans (lower left).

The Ben Franklin-Inspired Super Bowl Recipes You Never Knew You Needed

We don't know who Ben Franklin would root for, but we do know what he'd eat on Super Bowl Sunday

Peregrine falcons are found on every continent except Antarctica

Ten Fun Facts About Falcons, the Birds

As the Atlanta Falcons prepare to play in the Super Bowl, learn about the remarkable raptors behind the name

New England Patriots mascot Pat Patriot high-fives a minuteman after an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Oct. 16, 2014.

Ten Fun Facts About the Original Patriots

The football team may only have a 57-year history, but its mascot stretches back to the country's foundation

Levi's Stadium

360-Degree Cameras and Other Cool New Tech for Super Bowl 50

This year's game, held at San Francisco's Levi's Stadium, should be the most high-tech Super Bowl ever

These people's ears are probably not happy right now.

The People Who Went to the Super Bowl Are Now a Little Bit More Deaf

Major sports games are loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss

Not Eli, but probably looks a lot like him.

The Superbowl-Predicting Orangutan Has Chosen the Seahawks

The Seahawks can take the field knowing that at least one hairy mammal is rooting for them

14 Fun Facts About Broncos

Number six: Horses once had three toes

An osprey, commonly called a sea hawk.

14 Fun Facts About Sea Hawks

Number one: There's no such thing as a "seahawk"

Chorizo nachos are just one of the many delicious options for spicing up Sunday's game.

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Super Bowl Nachos

There is more to nachos than Velveeta and jalapeños

Just one bite of Pico de gallo is a party of flavors.

Why You Should Make Your Own Salsa (With Recipe Included)

This Super Bowl, throw away the jar and chop up some veggies

The Science of the First Cold Weather Super Bowl

Science shows that the cold weather will make it harder for players to grip the ball, avoid slipping and hear each other over the roar of the crowd

Nike produced parts of its Vapor Carbon Elite (top) and Vapor Laser Talon (bottom) on a 3D printer.

This Super Bowl, Players Will Be Wearing 3D Printed Cleats

Nike has designed special shoes that make athletes more explosive from a standing position

The chicken wing, now a ubiquitous bar food, was often thrown out or cooked into stock as recently as the 1960s

A Brief History of the Buffalo Chicken Wing

How the wing went from a throwaway to a delicacy in 50 years


Primal Screens: How Pro Football Is Amping Up Its Game

Pro football is turning to screens--some massive, others on smart phones--to try to keep its fans entertained.

President Barack Obama is presented with a team jersey by the Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers during a ceremony at the White House after Super Bowl XLV.

How Politics Has Changed Modern-Day Sports

Sportswriter Dave Zirin counts the ways that political issues have infiltrated sports at every level

Roosevelt Brown (pictured left), a star tackle for the New York Giants from 1953 to 1965, was 6’3” and 255 pounds. Michael Oher, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, stands at 6’4” and weighs 315 pounds.

Obesity Could Be the True Killer for Football Players

Head injuries have received much deserved attention in the news, but there’s a 350-pound problem that few are discussing


How to Tour Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans

Jazz is synonymous with the Big Easy, and there’s no bigger name in the history of the genre than Satchmo

Making guacamole

How Did Avocados Become the Official Super Bowl Food?

Did you know this off-season penchant for guacamole is an industry creation?

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