South Africa

A rhinoceros in South Africa's Kruger National Park, where the Black Mambas anti-poaching task force protects animals.

These Women Reduced Poaching on one South African Reserve by 76 Percent

The "Black Mambas" just received a prestigious award for their work on behalf of rhinos, lions and cheetahs

A bontebok

Ever Heard of the Bontebok? It’s an African Animal Humans Nearly Destroyed, Then Saved

Part of this conservation success story relies on the bontebok’s inability to jump

Researchers discovered a red ochre- and milk-based paint on a stone flake from 49,000 years ago.

In South Africa, People Painted with Cow Milk Long Before They Domesticated Cattle

The need to hunt wild cow relatives would have made this paint valuable

Lyra — A baobab in Botswana.

Stunning Photos of Africa's Oldest Trees, Framed by Starlight

"Diamond Nights" captures the surreal beauty of ancient trees after nightfall

A customs officer in Thailand examines specimens from a three ton ivory seizure, estimated to be worth $6 million.

DNA and Databases Help Untangle the Web of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Two new data-driven approaches help identify key hotspots for poaching and trafficking

South Africans celebrate at a gay pride event outside Johannesburg in 2013. While other countries have passed legislation criminalizing homosexuality, South Africa has advocated tolerance.

Some African Countries Are Trying to Use Science to Make Homophobic Laws, Now African Scientists are Pushing Back

Some African countries have tried to use science to justify laws that criminalize homosexuality

Members of the Xhosa tribe, like the young initiates seen here in Khayelitsha, are among the South African groups that practice ritual circumcision. The affiliation of the young man who received a transplant is not known.

The Trickiest Part of a Penis Transplant? Finding a Donor

The doctors who announced the first successful procedure last week had a particularly difficult time finding willing organ donors

A system in testing off the coast of Cape Town uses an electric field to safely ward off predators.

An Electric Fence Wards Off Sharks

South Africa has begun testing a humane way to make its beaches safer

Cheetahs taking it easy in the Kalahari desert, Botswana.

Cheetahs Spend 90 Percent of Their Days Sitting Around

When human presence forces cheetahs to expend more energy, however, it put the animals' survival at risk

A genet riding a rhino.

A Fuzzy Little Genet Is Hitching Rides on Rhinos and Buffalo, And No One Can Figure Out Why

Camera traps exposed the secret world of a rhino-riding genet

Satay at Lau Pa Sat in Singapore

Three International Twists on BBQ

This summer, ditch the tired menu of burgers and hot dogs, and instead, try grilling Turkish kofte or slathering fish in Singapore’s spicy sambal sauce

A pastoral cattle herder in near the Meatu district in Tanzania.

Africans' Ability To Digest Milk Co-Evolved With Livestock Domestication

Lactose tolerance spread throughout Africa along human pastoral migration routes, say scientists

White rhinos help shape the ecosystem by increasing plant diversity and providing grazing patches for other animals.

Here’s What Might Happen to Local Ecosystems If All the Rhinos Disappear

African landscapes may become very different places if rhinos aren't there to diversify plant life and create prime grazing spots for other animals

Watch Some of the Most Important Moments of Nelson Mandela's Life

Former South African president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela has passed away


Top 7 Human Evolution Discoveries From South Africa

The search for humans' most ancient ancestors began in South Africa, where some of paleoanthropology's most iconic fossils have been found

Mandela returned in 1994 after being elected president.

A Visit to Robben Island, the Brutal Prison that Held Mandela, Is Haunting and Inspiring

To visit the brutal prison that held Mandela is haunting, yet inspiring

Table Mountain is a flat-topped granite and sandstone massif that rises 3,562 feet above Cape Town, South Africa.

Take in South Africa From Table Mountain National Park

High above Cape Town, this craggy wildlife preserve provides sprawling views and thrilling hikes


Don't Be Jerky: A Taste of South African Biltong


A Taste of South African Barbecue

Thomas Allen Harris with his family in the Bronx, NY (circa, 1977).

Interview with Thomas Allen Harris

Director of "Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela"

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