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Trading fat in chocolates for a fruit juice substitute.

Science Takes Fat Out Of Chocolate, Replaces It With Fruit

Scientists have found a way to replace about 50 percent of chocolate's fat with fruit juice without losing flavor


What’s in Your Shark Fin Soup?

Americans who eat shark fin soup may be unknowingly chowing down on globally endangered species, a new study found


New Lacewing Species Discovered… on Flickr

Wildlife photographer Guek Hock Ping discovered a new species. Only, he didn't know it


Why ‘Living in the Moment’ is Impossible

New research finds that "living in the moment" is probably impossible thanks to the hard-wired ways our minds process thinking and decision-making.


Designing Bandaids that Stick When Wet Based on Gecko Feet

Scientists are unlocking the secrets behind tiny adhesive structures in gecko toes in the hopes of designing new technologies


Science Teachers Guilty of Releasing Invasive Species

New research finds that one out of four science educators in the U.S. and Canada released lab animals into the wild after they were done using them in the classroom, introducing a surprising but potentially serious pathway for invasives to take hold in new locales.

Images of Paris the researchers used to tease out the city’s essence.

New Tech Identifies that Special ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ That Makes Paris Paris

Science provides an answer on what details in an urban street scene clue people in on what city it is from.

Pottery beakers were used to hold the “Black Drink”.

Archaeologists Discover 1000-Year Old Hyper-Caffeinated Tea in Illinois

Unearthed from a site near modern day St. Louis, Missouri, archaeologists found tea residue in pottery beakers that dates back to as early as 1050 A.D.

Iconic American Buffalo are Actually Part Cow

Though plains bison are icons of America's cowboy past and rugged West, research findings show that most of the buffalo have cow ancestors from the 1800s


Now We Know Why Rainbows Split in Two

Though much of the physics behind rainbows is still cloaked in colorful mystery, researchers have at last unlocked some of the secrets behind the peculiar optics of the twinned rainbow.


New Forensics Tool for Catching Elephant Poachers

Good news on the illegal wildlife trade front: a new forensic genetics tool allows scientists to pinpoint where seized illegal ivory originates


No One Knows When You’re Being Sarcastic in Emails

People often think their sarcasm is obvious, while receivers aren't always so quick to get the joke.


Playfulness Increases a Person’s Sexiness, New Research Finds

New research shows that, unlike most animals, many adult humans continue to engage in playful behavior well into their summer and autumn years, and that this fun-loving attitude may help them score big when it comes to the opposite sex.

Longhorn cattle in Houston, Texas.

Why Do Cows Have Spots?

Cows' mottled coats may have evolved to help keep flies away.


Teens Predict Their Own Downward Spirals

For teens, having low expectations about living long, healthy lives turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This palm frond fossil dating to the the Eocene period was found in Utah’s Green River Basin.

Ancient Climate Change Meant Antarctica Was Once Covered with Palm Trees

53 million years ago, Antarctica was so warm that palm trees lived along its shores.


Why You Shouldn’t Panic Over The Latest News About Bird Flu

New research reveals that the flu virus has mutated into a novel strain of influenza, which transfers not just from bird to seal, but from seal to seal


We’re Biased By Our Body’s Dominant Side

A new study shows that right-handed and left-handed people make different choices

The Environmental Case Against Cheap Coffee

Bad news for coffee drinkers: It turns out that those cheap coffee pots found in offices are one of the biggest energy hogs in the modern workplace

New Retrofit Can Turn Any Car into A Hybrid

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