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90s Pop Music Was Really, Really Depressing

Scientists found that pop music has grown more depressing with time

Being Selfish Is a Winning Life Strategy, For a While

Dominating and controlling others is the best way to get ahead, until you come up with a like-minded opponent

Om nom nom

Antibiotics May Be Making You Fat

By wiping out gut bacteria, researchers found that antibiotics could make mice fat


Want to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis? Get Friends

The midlife wellbeing of both men and women depends on having a wide circle of friends to regularly socialize and hang out with, a new study finds

Go to Sleep, All-Nighter Cram Fests Don’t Work

A new study shows that sacrificing sleep in favor of studying or doing homework is counterproductive

How Does It Feel To Have Half a Brain? Not Bad, Actually

"Patient R" is missing three key parts of his brain, and yet he's conscious and self-aware


Your Boss Gets Paid More Than You Because They Get More Done

Researchers took a look at the differences in productivity between the big wigs and employees


Dogs Chasing Their Tails Are Akin to Humans With OCD

For dogs engaged in this futile repetitive behavior, there might not be much of a choice, just like people suffering from OCD

BD+48 740 is just a bit bigger than Pollux, seen here dwarfing our own Sun.

Earth Will Die a Hot Horrible Death when the Sun Expands and Swallows Us, and Now We Know What That Looks Like

Astronomers caught a red giant star swallowing one of its planets, a vision of Earth's own potential fate


This Pea Aphid Thinks it’s a Plant

Pea aphids can harness sunlight to aid in energy production


Stop Complaining About Monday, You’ll be Just as Depressed Tomorrow

Researchers debunk the myth of Miserable Mondays. Turns out, we hate all days equally

These college students are probably happier than you.

Drink Up – Binge Drinking College Students are Happier Than Their Sober Peers

A recent study found that college students who binge tend to be more satisfied with their college experience than their peers who don't drink

Books of the Future May Be Written in DNA

Researchers have encoded a book, including pictures and an accompanying computer program, in DNA


The Sun is Just 0.0007% Away From Being a Perfect Sphere

The Sun is the most perfectly round natural object known in the universe

An endangered whooping crane

‘We the People’ Do a Better Job of Picking Endangered Species than the Government

Babies Aren’t So Moral After All, Unless We Engineer Them That Way

The latest research on the "Do babies have an innate moral compass?" question indicates that no, they do not

Ooff. Will this fit?

Frantic Search Ensues for Planet-Sized Dunce Cap as World’s Oceans Take Home Report Card

The "ocean health index" was just released, and overall the world got a giant "D"


Scientists Get Meta, Asking Study Subjects to Design a Study

Rather than just ask the crowd to help answer math problems or scientific ponderings, why not challenge the crowd to design the questions themselves?

The Professor Molchanov sails off the coast of Svalbard.

Arctic Algae Infiltration Demonstrates the Effects of Climate Change

A sudden shift seen off the coast of Svalbard demonstrates how the world's ecosystems will be reformed by persistent climate change

Killer Economy – Science Suspects Recession to Blame for 1,000 Suicides in England

While jobs declined in England between 2008 to 2010, researchers found that suicides increased

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