Hector Salgado shovels sand in his yard while his girlfriend, Marisol Cardales Berrio, laughs.

Colombia Dispatch 3: The Pedro Romero Program

The government's attempts to battle poverty reach communities of refugees from violence in the countryside

Students at Palenque’s Batata Dance and Music School perform a traditional dance with African roots.

Colombia Dispatch 4: Palenque: An Afro-Colombian Community

Four hundred years ago, escaped slaves formed Palenque. Today, the Colombian town celebrates its African roots

The new Kogi village of Dumingueka.

Colombia Dispatch 5: The Kogi Way of Life

Hidden in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a Kogi village built with government support combines modernity with ancient traditions

Cesar Lopez and cellist Sandra Parra perform in Bogota with his “escopetarra” at the launch of Colombia’s 2008 peace week

Colombia Dispatch 7: Turning Guns into Guitars

Musician Cesar Lopez invented a new type of guitar, made from the shell of an automatic weapon

Women assemble tagua jewelry at the Tagueria in Bogota.

Colombia Dispatch 8: The Tagua Industry

Sometimes called "vegetable ivory," tagua is a white nut that grows in Colombia that is making a comeback as a commodity worth harvesting

Medellin’s new metro cable system carries commuters in gondolas up a steep mountainside

Colombia Dispatch 9: The Story of Medellin

The Colombian city of Medellin is synonymous with the drug trade, but city leaders are hoping to keep the peace by building up communities

A fifth-grade class of demobilized paramilitary and guerrilla soldiers at Medellin’s Center for Peace and Reconciliation

Colombia Dispatch 10: Education for Demobilized Forces

In exchange for laying down their arms, soldiers from Medellin's armed militias are receiving a free education, paid for by the government

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogota, rides a bicycle

Colombia Dispatch 11: Former Bogota mayor Enrique Peñalosa

The former mayor of Colombia's capital city transformed Bogota with 'green' innovations that employed the poor and helped the environment


Colombia Dispatch 12: Still Striving for Peace

In spite of all the positive work that has done in recent years, there are concerns that the government may be cracking down too hard in the name of peace

Students perform together at the vallenato music academy

Colombia Dispatch 6: Accordion Rock Stars in Valledupar

Andres 'Turco' Gil's accordion academy trains young children in the music of vallenato, the folk music popular across Latin America

Author of "Bernini's Genius," Arthur Lubow.

Arthur Lubow on "Bernini's Genius"


David DeVoss on "Macau Hits the Jackpot"

Hawaii-based journalist Christopher Pala has traveled the world covering various topics and is also the author of, The Oddest Place on Earth: Rediscovering the North Pole

Christopher Pala on "Victory at Sea"

David Roberts

David Roberts on “The Brink of War”


Journalists Injured on Assignment

Raffaele Reports on His Recovery

Griswold has reported from the Middle East, West and East Africa and South and Southeast Asia.

An interview with Eliza Griswold, author of "Waging Peace in the Philippines"

Eliza Griswold discusses the U.S. approach on Jolo and applying these lessons to Iraq and Afghanistan

John F. Kennedy on the campaign trail in 1960

Sharp Pencils Shape Elections

How three pioneering reporters reshaped the way the press covers elections-and politics itself


An Interview with Josh Hammer, Author of "Return to the Marsh"

Ben Block spoke with Josh about Iraq and reporting in dangerous regions of the world


An Interview with Peter van Agtmael, Photographer for "Return to the Marsh"

Van Agtmael spoke with Ben Block by phone from the American base Fort Apache in Adhamiyah, outside Baghdad

Lepeadon, the "fierce man" of the Letin clan.

Raffaele Among the Korowai

Paul Raffaele describes his adventures (and misadventures) in Indonesian New Guinea, reporting on the Korowai

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