Cell phones have revolutionized daily life, and will only continue to impact our existence, says Joshua Bell, an anthropologist at the Natural History Museum.

The Future is Here: What's Next For Mobile Phones?

Anthropologist Joshua Bell weighs in on new uses for cell phone technology at Smithsonian magazine's annual festival

What future will our children inherit?

New Poll Reveals Americans' Predictions of the Future

What are they most fearful of? What are they most optimistic about?

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Could Change the Way We Travel

Innovations in virtual reality could change how we travel

A New Device Can Use The Motion of a Beating Heart to Produce Electricity

Piezoelectric generators turn motion into electricity

Before long, artificial intelligence will stop looking to humans for upgrades and start seeking improvements on their own.

What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Turns On Us?

In a new book, James Barrat warns that artificial intelligence will one day outsmart humans, and there is no guarantee that it will be benevolent

In 1949, a Physicist Proposed Using Skyscapers And a Roof to Control NYC’s Climate

No scorching summers, no freezing winters...just a nice pleasant time, all year round


Dear Science Fiction Writers: Stop Being So Pessimistic!

Neal Stephenson created the Hieroglyph Project to convince sci-fi writers to stop worrying and learn to love the future

Chart Sources: Meadows, D.H., Meadows, D.L., Randers, J. and Behrens III, W.W. (1972)

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth

Forty years after the release of the groundbreaking study, were the concerns about overpopulation and the environment correct?

“Closer Than We Think”, May 11, 1958

Before the Jetsons, Arthur Radebaugh Illustrated the Future

In the 1950s and '60s, the newspaper cartoonist dreamed up a madcap American utopia, filled with flying cars and fantastical skyscrapers


Bruce McCall Illustrates the Future That Wasn't

According to past predictions, we should be living in an era of flying cars and other marvels. But be glad that some advances haven't happened

The cover illustration of the Book Le Vingtieme Siecle by Albert Robida, depicts futuristic means of transport flying above a city.

The Origins of Futurism

The celebrated science fiction writer and author of Tomorrow Now, explains why you don't need to be clairvoyant to predict the future


How to Become the Engineers of Our Own Evolution

The "transhumanist" movement says better technology will enable you to replace more and more body parts—even your brain

The book reader of the future

The iPad of 1935

Yep, there was an app for that

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