Bruce McCall Illustrates the Future That Wasn’t

According to past predictions, we should be living in an era of flying cars and other marvels. But be glad that some advances haven’t happened

Bruce McCall

Interspecies Linguistic Let-Down

interspecies linguistic barrier
(Bruce McCall)

Anthropologists finally crack the interspecies linguistic barrier—only to reveal that chimps are vulgar blowhards obsessed with petty intrapack squabbles and a secret hatred of bananas.

Mile High Sky Scraper

mile-high skyscraper
(Bruce McCall)

Sure, the mile-high skyscraper offers spectacular vistas, but it takes the takeout deliveryman so long to ride the elevator to the 527th floor that your Chinese food always arrives stone cold.

Immoral Domestic Robots

Domestic robots
(Bruce McCall)

Domestic robots ease everyday household life. But morality can’t be programmed, so don’t be shocked when your robo-butler steals the family silverware and elopes with your laptop.

No Pit Stops for Sky Highways

The flying family flivver
(Bruce McCall)

The flying family flivver opens exciting vacation horizons. But what do you do when little Billy suddenly needs a restroom and you’re only halfway across Lake Superior?