When We're Threatened, We Try to Show What Good People We Are

Outside observers, however, tend to see through flimsy claims of innocence

Language Discrimination Goes Beyond Just Grammar

Even when candidates are all equally qualified, employers pick native speakers over those born abroad

Google Play Kicks Porn of All Types Out of Its Store

The store has never allowed straight-up pornography, but it’s now getting even stricter about what's allowed

Would you murder this robot?

Should Robots Have Rights?

Would you murder a robot? If you did, should you be charged for it?

Science journalist Elizabeth Svoboda claims that we can train to be heroes.

There’s a Hero Inside of Everyone, and We’re Not Saying That to Make You Feel Good

Science journalist Elizabeth Svoboda’s new book examines the roots and reasons of heroism, from evolution and biology to meditation and volunteering


When Heineken Bottles Were Square

In 1963, Alfred Heineken created a beer bottle that could also function as a brick to build houses in impoverished countries.

A ginger sow and her piglets at the Ginger Pig’s Yorkshire farm.

How One Family Helped Change the Way We Eat Ham

The Harris family struck gold when they introduced the ice house to England in 1856, but what were the costs of their innovation?

An MSF doctor at a hospital in Kenya. After the cold war, the group became a strong advocate for humanitarian intervention worldwide.

The Big Dilemma Facing Doctors Without Borders

The non-governmental organization concedes it sometimes pays a moral price to save lives

Made from vinyls and plastics, these fake foods on display in Japan aren’t the only fakes around.

Don’t Get Duped: Six Foods That Might Not Be The Real Deal

Colored sawdust instead of saffron? Corn syrup instead of honey? It's all in the newly updated USP Food Fraud Database

This enticing hunk of casu marzu cheese is rich with fly larvae, but sadly, illegal in the United States.

Five Banned Foods and One That Maybe Should Be

From maggoty cheese to My Little Ponies to roadkill, some illegal and one legal food items in the United States


Magical Thinking and Food Revulsion

Carol Nemeroff studies why certain foods, such as feces-shaped fudge, pink slime, or recycled tap water, gross us out


Where Are All the Ramps Going?

Churros can be both delicious and dangerous.

Law and Order: Four Food Crimes

After stealing $1,500 worth of cooking oil from a Burger King, two men were apprehended siphoning off oil from a Golden Corral

Raisins are a food that picky eaters won't touch.

Can a Picky Eater Change Her Ways?

Most expand their culinary horizons as they get older, but a few people hold fast to limited diets of familiar things like macaroni and cheese

A male Atlantic salmon

Disease Found in Wild Salmon

Are farmed salmon the source of a viral infection off the coast of British Columbia?

Deer in headlights

Is it Safe to Eat Roadkill?

Enough with the jokes already. Some people are serious about looking to the roadside for an alternative to mass-market meats


Law and Order: New Culinary Crimes

Burglary, felony theft, criminal mischief, abusing a corpse—last month alone was rife with food-related crimes and convictions


Shark Fin Soup in Hot Water

You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.

Inviting Writing: Food and Independence

Deciding what, how or where we eat is one of the earliest ways we assert our individuality. Do you have a story to share?


Law and Order: More Culinary Crimes

Those who live outside the law sometimes meet their downfall through their relationship with food

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