English dolphins gliding through their home turf

England Has Its Own Pod of Dolphins

Researchers discover that the group of 28 animals are actually local residents, not just visitors

By LN Tallur
Bronze, coins and concrete 
Tallur Studio, Koteshwara, Karnataka, India

Sweeping Mumbai Exhibition Tells the Story of India, With Help From the British Museum

‘India and the World’ features 124 loans from London and 104 objects from institutions across India

Codex Amiatinus

After 1300 Years Abroad, the Earliest Complete Latin Bible Returns to England

The Codex Amiatinus will go on display at the British Library in 2018

The new edition of Vita Sackville-West's story features art deco-style illustrations

Now You Can Read the Stamp-Sized Story That May Have Inspired Virginia Woolf's "Orlando"

Vita Sackville-West's hero predates and mirrors Woolf's androgynous time-traveler

Take a bite of history on National Mincemeat Day

The History of Mincemeat Pies, from the Crusades to Christmas

Mentioned by Shakespeare, allegedly banned by Puritans, and enjoyed by many still, these traditional treats have a long history in English cuisine

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia are seen enveloping Ireland on October 16

How Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Turned Skies Red Over the U.K

In a year of crazy weather, the remnants of the massive storm headed toward the British Isles

Skybolt 2 launch

Rocket Powered by Recycled Tires and Hope Launches in the U.K.

With a successful test of the Skybolt 2 rocket, Starchaser Industries takes a step towards sending tourists into space

The surprising find was unearthed as part of a community project that invites amateur archeologists to help dig up local history.

Amateur Archaeologists Find ‘Most Exciting’ Roman Mosaic in Britain

The mosaic tells the story of Bellerophon, a mythical hero who defeats the fearsome Chimera

The cloud was first reported at Birling Gap, located about 70 miles from central London.

A Mysterious Chemical Cloud Descended on the British Coast

150 people were treated for stinging eyes, irritated throats and vomiting

The sport of angling ("angle" is an old work for "hook") was a popular 1600s pastime that had a number of guides written about it.

This Obscure Fishing Book is One of the Most Reprinted English Books Ever

'The Compleat Angler' is much more than an instruction manual on fishing. It's a Walden-like meditation on nature and friendship

The annual swan upping ceremony of the queen's swans on the Thames.

The Fascinating, Regal History Behind Britain's Swans

The aristocratic bird's has a legacy as a luxury status symbol that dates back centuries

Who moved this cheese?

Feeling Bleu: Champion Cheddars Nabbed From English Ag Show

Wyke Farms is offering a reward for the return of its champion and reserve champion cheddars stolen from the Yeovil Show in Somerset

Jane Austen's brother, Edward, inherited this grand Palladian-style home from the wealthy relatives who raised him.

Take a Stroll Through Jane Austen's England With This Interactive Map

A look at the houses and towns that shaped the life and writing of the famed author on the 200th anniversary of her death

Biddulph Grange Garden, Staffordshire‬

Step Inside 12 of England's Most Beautiful Gardens

Great Wine in Great Britain? The Unlikely Vino Culture Emerging in England

In the south of England, a new class of vintners is giving French bubbly a run for its money

The ornate black gates to the Poison Garden warn visitors of the deadly plants that grow within.

Step Inside the World's Most Dangerous Garden (If You Dare)

The Poison Garden at England's Alnwick Garden is beautiful—and filled with plants that can kill you


A Photographic Tour of London

Take a virtual tour through the streets and sights of England’s capital city with these stunning travel photos submitted to our photo contest


How to Tour Jane Austen’s English Countryside

Follow in the footsteps of Mr. Darcy and the Bennet sisters and take in the manors and gardens of rural England

The Games may not exist at all were it not for the perseverance of the Brits.

The Little-Known History of How the Modern Olympics Got Their Start

Acclaimed sportswriter Frank Deford connects the modern Games to their unlikely origin—in rural England

The Jurassic Coast encompasses 185 million years of history.

Evolution World Tour: Jurassic Coast, England

The best opportunity to play paleontologist is on the southern coast of England, a site rich with marine reptile fossils

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