The author, on tour in the Sauternes region of Bordeaux, loved the gold-hued sweet wine of the area but filled his bottle with local bulk red.

Tasting France’s Finest Wines

Sauternes is a village near Bordeaux that would have been cow town if dumb luck, microclimatology and royal wineries had not showered the region in fortune

The Dordogne River flows through some of the finest country of southern France. Truffles, cep mushrooms and wild pigs occur in the woods, while huge catfish and pike lurk in the slow eddies of the river.

Off the Road in the South of France

Ernest Hemingway popularized the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Paris, but he missed out every day he wasn't walking through the forested hills of Périgord

These cyclists are enjoying another day on the trail in the Crocodile Trophy, in northeastern Australia, considered one of the most punishing bicycle races in the world.

Grueling Travel through Beautiful Places: the Madness of Extreme Races

The Crocodile Trophy mountain biking race is off-road, meaning gravel, rocks, ruts, puddles, dust and lots of crashing

The Ginger Ninjas on the move in Guadalajara, Mexico. Where buses and airplanes would provide the horsepower for other touring bands, the Ginger Ninjas go by bicycle.

Rock, Pedal and Roll: Band Tours the World by Bicycle

"I believe the bicycle is one of the best, if not the coolest, machines ever invented," says the frontman of the Ginger Ninjas

The author and his bike stand about 850 feet above San Francisco on Conzelman Road. Repeated 10 times, this little hill amounts to a world classic of climbing.

The World’s Best Uphill Bike Rides

Long, steady climbs on a bicycle are the holy grail of athletic conquests. We hill climbers measure the worth of a landscape by its rise over run

This scene from Lake Wanaka captures much that is great about New Zealand, like the Southern Alps and the country's many gleaming lakes.

New Zealand: What’s Hot and What’s Not

From Stewart Island in the south to the Surville Cliffs in the north, New Zealand is a country almost as geographically diverse as the United States

Caravans cram this campground in Akaroa in a scene typical of New Zealand. Cyclists and hikers, when camped among such fleets of vehicles, may wish for a patch of privacy somewhere in the nearest forest—if only there were access.

Free Camping in New Zealand: Don’t Bank on It

Wild camping isn't just a pleasure; it's a necessity for many cyclists

The author facing off with the edge of the world, where the gray and blustery waters of the Southern Ocean meet the rocks of Curio Bay, in the Catlins.

Halfway to the Bottom of the Earth: The Catlins

To see this place on a globe, home of the world's southernmost tapas reastaurant, one must lift it upward to expose the underbelly of the planet


Is New Zealand Too Dangerous for Cycling?

A Christchurch gentleman claimed to have knocked two cyclists off the road with his black H-2 Hummer and threatened to "nail" more

Ryan Monger (at left) set out for Costa Rica in 2004 looking for waves. There, on the beach, he found something much better.

Love on the Road

Traveling does seem to facilitate encounters—especially between like-minded people searching for similar things

One of thousands of properties destroyed by the February 22, 2012 Christchurch earthquake

Shattered: Christchurch After 10,000 Earthquakes

The abandoned boulevards and blocks of condemned buildings look like a scene from an unhappy future

This oversized replica reminds passersby that sandflies could be a lot nastier than they are.

New Zealand’s Darkest, Bloodiest Secret: The Sandfly

Kiwi recommendations for stopping the biting beasts: DEET, geranium leaves, garlic, rancid bacon, Marmite, Vegemite. Does anything really work?

The author's bicycle patiently poses in a land of "beauty, heartbreak and challenge" in the Molesworth wilderness.

Questing for Calories in New Zealand’s High Country

There is something liberating in running out of food. Concerns about rationing are out the window and the world is simplified into a foraging playground

Pauline Symaniak, shown here before Volcan Lanin in Argentina, has been pedaling around the earth for 18 months. Much of New Zealand has failed to amaze her.

New Zealand: Too Orderly, Tidy and Tame?

After leaving her job and home to bike around the world, a cyclist finds New Zealand a little too comfortable

Andrew, bundled against the blazing sun, releases a big brown trout.

Catch and Release: A Wicked Game?

Fishing is an effective means of bringing people to the water's edge o admire the ecosystem and consider the value in preserving it

Note the shocking price of this basket of fruit at a roadside stand in New Zealand

New Zealand and Other Travel Locales That Will Break the Bank

New Zealand is worth visiting, but I'm not sure how long I can keep traveling here while claiming to be "on the cheap"

Pitcairn Island provided the mutineers of the Bounty a haven from the world in the 18th century. Today, it offers much the same—along with a general store, a cafe and 50 permanent residents.

Seven Islands to Visit in 2012

Pitcairn Island is populated by 50 people, has a handful of hostels, a general store and a café and, frankly, could really use a few visitors

A game of chess on a fold-up travel board can break the ice between strangers in strange lands.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Adventure Traveler

A chess set, soccer ball, bear spray and other items, even dog food, make the list of gifts to give your favorite hardened traveler

In Nepal, the Lambrecht family of Sebastopol, California is loving life and local transport.

Have Kids, Will Travel

"We were travelers. It was in our blood, and the idea that we would ever stop traveling just because we had kids never sat well with us"

Facing the Void: Ellee Thalheimer stands before a high pass near Sampeyre, Italy after an ascent of several thousand feet.

Women and the Way of the Pedal-empowered

Susan B. Anthony said bicycling "emancipates women than anything else in the world. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel"

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