A new chemical analysis showed that the clothes the mummies were buried in were dyed with cinnabar, a toxic pigment.

These Chilean Mummies Were Buried in Mercury-Laced Red Clothing

The Cerro Esmeralda site, where two human sacrifices were buried, shows traces of cinnabar, a toxic pigment

Researchers have analyzed the DNA of this mummified specimen from Atacama region of Chile.

Chilean Government Investigates Whether the Atacama Mummy Was Illegally Exhumed

Outraged at the recent DNA analysis of the child, the Chilean science community calls for ethical evaluations of the work

Fresh erizos del mar (sea urchins) served in the shell.

Seven Foods You Have to Try in Chile

Mendoza, Argentina.

A Tour Through the Vineyards of Chile and Argentina

Sip some of the world's best wines in some of the world's most magnificent scenery

The Milky Way and moon illuminate a lone tree in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

An Astronomer's Paradise, Chile May Be the Best Place on Earth to Enjoy a Starry Sky

Chile's northern coast offers an ideal star-gazing environment with its lack of precipitation, clear skies and low-to-zero light pollution

As the price of their wool rises, vicuñas, like the one picture here near the ALMA telescope in Chile, faces threats from poaching gangs.

Poachers Are Killing Andean Camels for Their Wool

To meet a growing demand for vicuña wool in Europe and Asia, gangs are massacring herds of the animals in South America

Watch A Dangerous Yet Lovely Volcano Erupt in Chile

Calbuco volcano springs to life after more than 40 years of dormancy

Chilean Volcano Erupts in the Early Morning

The 9,000-foot volcano spewed ash, smoke and lava high into the air

An April earthquake in northern Chile left one highway with a deep crack.

Lingering Stress Hints at the Next Giant Earthquake in Chile

A section of the South American tectonic plate holds the potential for a massive quake in the near future

The Baker river, one of the Patagonian waterways that would have been blocked by proposed dams.

Chile Sides With Environmentalists and Communities, Rejects $8 Billion Dam Proposal

Environmentalists are calling the decision "a land-mark"

A view in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

An Expansive, Privately Funded Park in Patagonia Will Open to Visitors This Winter

This beautiful park—which foreign conversationists love—is putting wild animals and local gauchos at odds

The Chilean Andes

Day 1: A Stop in Santiago

Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough explores Santiago before heading to the Las Campanas Observatory in the Chilean Andes

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