Bill Nye speaks at a press conference in New York as environmental advocates gather on the eve of the Paris Climate Summit (COP21).

The Blessing and the Curse of Being Bill Nye

The zany scientist talks about his recent transformation into the public—and controversial—face for science

Grave of George Eliot on Highgate Cemetery

You Can’t Walk Around London’s Cemeteries Without Seeing Someone Famous (and Dead)

A tour of the city’s dead can unearth some fascinating stories

An acrylic painting by Laura Collins recreates a 2006 photo of stars Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

New Art Exhibit Remembers Trashy Tabloid Culture of 2000s

The Brooklyn show highlights art inspired by the age when celebrity scandals and gossip reigned supreme

Edith Wharton moved to Paris and stayed put during World War I, unlike many of her friends who fled.

Edith Wharton Recruited the World’s Greatest Artists to Raise Money for WWI Refugees

A century ago, the famous author took it upon herself to help those left behind by the war’s carnage

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge as Bill Murray Reads You Poetry This June

Joe Pyne Was America's First Shock Jock

Newly discovered tapes resurrect the angry ghost of Joe Pyne, the original outrageous talk show host

Graceland mansion was home to Elvis Presley, and is located on a 13.8-acre estate in Memphis, Tennessee.

See Inside Graceland's $137-million Expansion

A complex fit for a king

Diller's gag lines were typed and meticulously filed into 48 drawers of a large, beige Steelmaster cabinet on wheels.

How Many Volunteers Does It Take to Transcribe Phyllis Diller's 53,000 Jokes?

Playing around in this massive joke file is like a crash course in brash humor

Joan Crawford in Letty Lynton (1932)

When Hollywood Glamour Was Sold at the Local Department Store

During the 1930s, the world’s most fashionable looks came not from Paris, but from La-La Land

Does This Scenario Explain JFK Jr.'s Plane Crash?

A distracting radio issue, a hazy night, and a new pilot unsure of his instruments. According to investigators, these were some of the possible factors

The Voice of Tomorrow Choir on the front porch of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture

What You Need to Know About the September 24 NMAAHC Grand Opening

Entry Passes are all gone for today, but there is plenty to see and do on the National Mall

"Sting Like a Bee"
Muhammad Ali, 1979

Artwork by Muhammad Ali Is Going up For Auction

You could own a painting by the Louisville Lip

Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr in "Hamilton"

Before There Was “Hamilton,” There Was “Burr”

Although Gore Vidal’s book never became a hit on Broadway, the novel helped create the public personae of Alexander Hamilton’s nemesis

Robin Williams by Michael Dressler, 1979

Harken Back to the Glory Days When 'Time' Magazine Was King

A new show honors the once powerful cover shot and the artists who made celebs shine bright

Epitaph on William Shakespeare's grave

Did Shakespeare Lose His Head?

Scans of the Bard's grave reveal that robbers may have stolen his skull two centuries ago

Nicholas Cage, Tyrannosaurus returner.

Nicholas Cage Returned a Stolen Dino Skull

The actor paid $270,000 for the skull of one of T. rex's cousins

Albert Einstein, pondering the mysteries of the universe—or maybe just writing a killer tweet.

Albert Einstein Has a Social Media Team

How the famed physicist tweets from beyond the grave

Peter Dinklage by Jesse Frohman, 2003

Who Crafts the Image in Celebrity Portraiture?

Is it real or is it celebrity branding? A portrait exhibition of iconic celebs considers the question of who holds the upper hand—the artist or the star

Celebrities: Popular then forgotten. Recognize her? No?Don't worry, this is just a stock photo.

How Long Do Cultural References Last?

Not forever

Choose among these three cultural icons for the comedian who will be featured at the National Portrait Gallery.

Which of These Comedians Should the Portrait Gallery Put on Display?

This is no laughing matter for the Smithsonian museum

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