John Lennon's stamp album, pages 34-35

John Lennon's First Album

A boyhood collection of stamps opens a new page on the teenage Beatle-to-be

Promotional photo of Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar from Your Show of Shows

Comedy Central

"Your Show of Shows," starring Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca, pioneered madcap TV humor in the 1950s

Minnie Pearl 1965


Homely country togs defined a beloved Grand Ole Opry stalwart


Just the Right Touch

By introducing a note of modesty, Marilyn Monroe's gloves actually heightened her come-hither allure

As the fabric-covered plane came to a halt, frenzied sou-venir hunters tore at it, putting French officials on guard. Hailed in his home state of Minnesota, the 25-year-old pilot hated the nickname Lucky, bestowed on him after the flight. After sleeping in splendor at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, he awoke to a life, he said, "that could hardly have been more amazing if I had landed on another planet." On an old postcard kept by the Richards family, Tudor Richards has written, "We saw him land!"

We Saw Him Land!

In a long-lost letter an American woman describes Lindbergh's tumultuous touchdown in Paris—75 years ago this month


Gods and Moguls

After the events of September 11, even historical fiction takes on new meaning. Just ask Ted Turner


The Divine Sarah

Bewitching her admirers around the world, Sarah Bernhardt dazzled audiences as she pioneered the cult of celebrity


The Gang's All Here!

A new show hails Edward Sorel, whose caricatures have spoofed or skewered celebrities of every stripe

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