The 1966 Honda CB77, or Super Hawk, that Robert Pirsig rode on his 1968 trip from Minnesota to California that inspired the book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

The Cycle From 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' Comes to the Smithsonian

The 1966 Honda Super Hawk featured in Robert Pirsig’s book on values was recently acquired by the National Museum of American History

The Ten Best History Books of 2019

Our favorite titles of the year resurrect forgotten histories and help explain how we got to where we are today

Children cross the street in front of a yellow school bus in 1965.

The History of How School Buses Became Yellow

Rural educator Frank Cyr had the vision and pull to force the nation to standardize the color of the ubiquitous vehicle

The VW Beetle is retiring

The Volkswagen Beetle Says Auf Wiedersehen

The iconic car with a history stretching from Nazi Germany to the Summer of Love stops production

Racer Danny Thompson’s view from inside the cockpit of the Challenger 2 during a run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August 2016. A HANS (Head and Neck Support) safety device immobilizes his head, so the side windows are only peripherally visible from his vantage point.

Danny Thompson's Blazing Nitromethane-Fueled Pursuit of Racing Glory

An American tale of speed demons, murder and a son's attempt to complete his father's unfinished legacy

Left: Visitors roam the Portland show wearing vintage fashions from the Washington State boutique BelAir Betties.
Right: The tail section of a 1958 Chevy Impala, customized with 1959 Cadillac taillights, on display at the 63rd annual Portland Roadster Show.

Take a Trip to America's Hot Rod Heaven

Today's show-car royalty reinvents the wheel

A.I. Is Learning Teamwork by Dominating in Multiplayer Video Games

Google's DeepMind labs trained bots play a virtual version of capture the flag, showing them how to work as a unit

Industrial designer Raymond Loewy influenced a number of brands.

Meet the Product Designer Who Made Mid-Century America Look Clean and Stylish

From refrigerators to cars to Air Force One, Raymond Loewy's distinctive "cleanlining" sold products

Signmakers Stanley Sawicki and Stanley Palka prepare several thousand picket signs in 1950 for a possible Chrysler auto workers' strike over employee pensions.

Separating Truth From Myth in the So-Called ‘Golden Age’ of the Detroit Auto Industry

The post-war era’s labor unrest and market instability has seemingly been forgotten in the public’s memory

Sesame Street Is Now a Real Place

In honor of its 50th anniversary on air, New York City has officially named the corner of West 63rd and Broadway after the beloved children's show

Fifth-grader Eric and fourth-grader Isa spent a year working to bring their idea to life

Massachusetts Elementary Students Led Campaign to Install ‘3-D’ Crosswalk in Front of School

The optical illusion uses shaded block of paint to make crossing stripes appear to float in the air

GM's head of design Harley Earl drove the "Y-job" to and from work for 11 years.

How General Motors Introduced the Idea of a 'Concept Car'

Eighty years ago, the Buick Y-job was billed as the car of the future

Nine Innovators to Watch in 2019

These big thinkers are set to make news this year with exciting developments in transportation, energy, health, food science and more

The plate’s display resembles a Kindle, except that letters and numbers are made up of monochromatic “e-ink.”

Will Digital License Plates Drive Us Forward or Leave Us Fuming?

California-based Reviver Auto has rolled out an electronic license plate that could benefit drivers, as well as cities and states

John Krafcik (left) and Dmitri Dolgov

Why Waymo's Fleet of Self-Driving Cars Is Finally Ready for Prime Time

Your driverless car is already here, thanks to the visionary engineers behind a bold experiment

Leif Asp envisions a car with a body that acts as an energy source.

Let's Build Cars Out of Batteries

If batteries could make up the very structure of our vehicles and electronics, those products would be far lighter and more efficient

WiTricity has partnered with BMW to release the first consumer-ready remote charging system for an electric vehicle.

Is Wireless Charging for Cars Finally Here?

The Massachusetts startup WiTricity has developed a mat that charges electric vehicles using magnetic resonance

Denise Mueller Korenek just broke the Cycling World Land Speed Record

American Woman Sets New Bicycle Speed Record

Cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek hit 183.932 MPH while drafting behind a drag racer in Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats, besting the previous record of 167 mph

A Brief History of the RV

In 1915, technology merged with the "back to nature" movement, leading to the invention of the motorhome

LIDAR can detect changes in the ground over time.

Driverless Car Technology Could Help Find Unmarked Graves

The same LIDAR technology that lets driverless cars "see" their surroundings can be used to spot changes in a landscape indicative of grave sites

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