Grizzly in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Grizzly to Be Removed From Endangered Species List

Their numbers have grown from 136 animals in 1975 to roughly 700 today

A Bear and Her Cubs Took Over Vlad the Impaler’s Castle

Romania’s Poenari Castle was shut down to visitors after authorities had “close encounters” with the creatures

This celestial chart from 1687 is one of many illustrations from books, charts, and maps showing artists’ imaginings of polar bears.

How Polar Bears Became the Dragons of the North

Renaissance maps depicting the “white bears” say more about our own fears and fantasies than about the predators themselves

Now Everyone Can Track Yosemite’s Bears Online

The park is displaying delayed GPS data on a new website to stop curious humans from scouting out the creatures in real time

Three polar bears climbing on a snow-covered pile of bowhead whale bones on Barter Island near Kaktovik, Alaska.

The Politics of Viewing Polar Bears

Tourists flock to this coastal Alaskan town to photograph the vulnerable icons—raising hairy ethical questions

Incredibly Cute Polar Bear Cubs See the World for First Time

After a long winter in their den, a polar bear mother and her cubs emerge at the first signs of spring.

The Risky Way a Polar Bear Attack Victim Confronts Her Fear

For Erin Greene, walking up to a polar bear requires even more courage than most of us can imagine

A Fertile Polar Bear's Hard Journey From Mating to Motherhood

After mating takes place, a female polar bear will prepare for her impending pregnancy by eating voraciously. In all, she will pack on more than 400 pounds

Polar Bear Mom and Cub Accidentally Separated by a Car

A car horn outside Churchill, Manitoba, causes a curious polar bear mom and her cub to scurry in opposite directions

A Beloved Alpha Polar Bear Near the End of His Life

Saint Pete, as he's known by locals in nearby Churchill, Manitoba, is an elderly polar bear who's been visiting the town for decades

The Town That Polar Bears Built

Get to know the four-legged residents of Churchill, Canada

How does a bear catch a break around here?

Decades-Old Chemicals May Be Threatening Polar Bear Fertility, As If They Didn’t Have Enough to Worry About

A new study sheds light on how today's pollutants could become tomorrow's threats to wildlife and humans

Polar Bear Mom Protects Her Cubs From a Hungry Male

As they embark on their long summer migration, a polar bear mother and her cubs need frequent breaks, putting the cubs at risk

A pair of bison hang out in the snow at Yellowstone National Park, one of the United States' best spots to see the huge mammals.

American Safaris: Where to See the Biggest Mammals in the U.S.

Go wild for the United States' largest mammals and take an American Safari

Dwindling sea ice in the Arctic threatens polar bears and causes increased conflict with humans.

Resupply Helps Trapped Arctic Scientists Scare Off Polar Bear "Siege"

With sea ice cover at record lows, polar bear conflict with humans becomes more common

In addition to photos, teddy bears are also on display.

This Is What 3,000 Photos of Teddy Bears Look Like

An exhibition at The New Museum takes collection obsession to an over-the-top (but adorable) extreme

A brown bear hunts for salmon in Silver Salmon Creek.

Where and How to (Safely) Bear Watch in Alaska

Attacks à la <i>Revenant</i> are a statistical blip. An Alaska expert outlines the dos and don'ts of sharing wilderness with the state's 133,000 bears

Scarface is dead—long live Scarface.

Yellowstone’s Most Famous Bear Is Dead

Who shot “Scarface”?

A kermode bear, also known as a spirit bear, explores a stream in the depths of British Columbia, Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.

A Historic Conservation Agreement Will Protect Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

It's a victory for First Nations, loggers, and environmentalists

Romanian villagers dress up in real bearskins for ursul.

Ring in the New Year by Dressing Up as a Bear

Romania's famed bear dance scares away winter

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