Alaska—from Denali to the stuffed bear on an Anchorage street, "plays havoc with your senses and turns everyday logic on its head," Pico Iyer decided.

Alaska's Great Wide Open

A land of silvery light and astonishing peaks, the country's largest state perpetuates the belief that anything is possible


Nikki the Bear Lost 110 Pounds on the National Zoo Diet

When Nikki the spectacled Bear came to the National Zoo in December 2006, he looked more like Winnie the Pooh than Smokey the Bear


Pulled by Bears

In 1908, anything was possible


Interview: Steven Amstrup

A new study spotlights the plight of the polar bear, but there's still time to help the beloved creature

The product of a ten-year Sino-American conservation effort, the cub may help scientists reestablish the endangered giant pandas in the wild, where about 1,600 are believed to exist.

Learning from Tai Shan

The giant panda born at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo has charmed animal lovers. Now he's teaching scientists more than they had expected

The original Smokey Bear, playing in his pool at the National Zoo, sometime during the 1950s.

A Bear-Handed Grab

How a stranded cub became the living symbol for one of America's best-known advertising campaigns

Having stopped a mother bear with a tranquilizer dart shot from the helicopter, Derocher (with Andersen, left, and Instanes, on Spitsbergen Island) tethers the cubs and takes tissue samples to gauge the mother's exposure to industrial chemicals like PCBs.

Bear Trouble

Only hundreds of miles from the North Pole, industrial chemicals threaten the Arctic's greatest predator

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