October/November 2020

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Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27 lifts off

The Fighter Jet That Fights for Both Sides

What Ukrainian air force pilots had to say about their aging Su-27s.

Flagship Washington

A Forgotten First Flight

Modern passenger service across the ocean began on October 23, 1945, a date that will live in obscurity.

Millennium Falcon

The Air Battles That Became Star Wars

Born one year before the end of World War II, George Lucas turned a boyhood fascination into a space epic.

Karen Nyberg in ISS cupola

Work, Float, Eat, Dream

We asked some of the people who've spent the most time on the ISS: What's it like up there?

 Idlewild Airport

Atomic Enemy at the Gate

With the dawn of the atomic age came a highly classified operation to intercept nuclear explosives at U.S. airports.

Starlink test satellites in space

SpaceX Wants to Wire the World

But can Starlink overcome the ghosts of satellite constellations past?

B-1B Lancer

7 Airplanes That (Finally) Proved Their Mettle

Did they defy skeptics, or just outlast them?



We Are a Space-Dwelling Species

Celebrating 20 years of continuous human presence in orbit.

Up to Speed

Saved by a KC-135

When a small boat vanished in the Pacific, U.S. forces took to the air and mounted a desperate search.

Up to Speed

Volcanoes on Venus

Our planetary neighbor has been giving up lots of secrets lately.

I Was There

You May Now Kiss the Captain

One family, two airline pilots.

At the Museum

Drones at the Doorstep

The first to deliver coffee, clothes, and medicine takes its place in history.

Reviews & Previews

Who Was Erich Hartmann?

A new book examines the life of the WWII German ace.

One More Thing

North American F-86 Sabre

America’s first swept-wing fighter won the skies over North Korea.