June/July 2021

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Jay Leno poses with his EcoJet

Jay Leno's Airplane Engine Collection

He keeps them under the hood.

moonlet and spacecraft

Doomsday Mission

With the DART mission, scientists try to prepare for Earth’s worst catastrophe.

11 Corsairs in the sky

Spoiler Alert

A little piece of aluminum solved the WW2 fighter’s vicious behavior problem.

Jim Irwin and rover on moon

First Car on the Moon

Before Apollo 15, astronauts could explore only as far as they could walk.

man looking up at model planes above bookshop shelves

Accidental Air Force

You never know what you’ll find on—make that above—the shelves.

rendering of new Kenneth C. Griffin Exploring the Planets Gallery

Exploring the Planets: Planetary Passports

The ultimate in travel experiences, coming soon to the National Air and Space Museum.

 image of 7 planets

A New Window on Exoplanets

A leading expert on planetary astronomy reflects on what the next generation of space telescopes might reveal.

NE 510 lands on aircraft carrier runway

The Mystery of Christine

How my Navy squadron learned that gremlins are real.



Carrier Team Spirit

Pilots flying from a modern aircraft carrier are not alone. They’re part of a floating city.

Up to Speed

Bright Lights, Big Problem

Collisions aren’t the only worry.

Up to Speed

How to Ship a Flying Car

It’s no big deal for the HC-130J.

Up to Speed

Lessons From a Fatal Crash

The official verdict on the helicopter accident that took the lives of Kobe Bryant and seven other people.

Up to Speed

Doug Drexler

How one man makes science fiction look real.

I Was There

The Mystery of Christine

How my Navy squadron learned that gremlins are real.


Ghostships of the Air

A photographer takes us on a spooky tour of abandoned aircraft.

Reviews & Previews

The Perfect Crew

Who were the men and women aboard the space shuttle on that disastrous day?

One More Thing

P-51 Excalibur III

Stunt pilot Paul Mantz’s speedy P-51, Excalibur III.